My Darling One used to be a body builder.  Not a champion in the strict sense of the word, but he trained with Mr. Korea, if that counts?   He’s still a gym rat, dedicated to keeping fit. And all this discipline is difficult for a whiny, do I really have to walk today…its too windy, kind of girl, like me to grasp.  The dedication and discipline required just to build a regular old bod, let alone a Mr. or Mrs Korea is beyond my ken.  (ken…not a name, just a Scottish expression for that’s beyond my tiny mind to get around.) What about this?  Muscular, much?  And dedicated?  Incredibly so.  Disciplined?  Most definitely. To lead a bigger, grander, greater life, we all need this.  No, not the huge muscles…it’s the training, the dedication, the discipline I’m talking about. And it’s not our body that needs training.  Well speaking for myself,…

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