Christopher Columbus


Lately, I’ve been nosier than ever.  Listening in to other people’s conversation when eating out, or snatches of conversation I pick up on the street.  Often times I don’t even have to be nosy, some people talk so loudly, the effort would be in trying not to hear them. You might be wondering what Miss Nosy Parker is up to.  (Memo to self, must stop confessing all in blog posts.) I find it amazing that people are always speaking their beliefs.  Present company included.    And I know it could be considered very rude, to poke around in people’s belief systems, but as someone who was born with an outlandish sized curiosity, all I  can tell you is that I can’t help it.  Anyway, they’re speaking them out loud for all of us to hear. On New Year’s day my Darling One and I went to see replicas of the ships…

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