Christian Louboutin shoes


Life is full of abundant kindnesses, today occurring in the shape of Donna from the shoe department of a local store.  Donna was helping me.  She was just great.  I wanted this shoe…no let’s try that boot…actually do you have this in black?  No, let’s try that one…woops too high…that one too shiny…ooh how about the beige wedge…not quite me, is it?  She was patient and kind.  Kinder than I deserved since I ended up buying…nothing.  Not even these, which whilst giving you terrible cramps would also make your legs look loooong and your bum look great.  And who could say no to that?  Apparently me. Christian Louboutin shoe! Back to Donna and I, who spent a lot of time doing the ‘can we find a perfect shoe dance’.   I had laid my previous purchases on the floor next to my old shoes, which desperately needed to be replaced…

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