[success] The universe moves with motiveless necessity as it has no motive of its own. Rather, it moves under the necessity of manifesting the arrangements of the minds of men. ~ Neville.[/success] Why is this important? Because everything, even the chaos of being between a gazillion versions of a desire is being made manifest as we speak – no wonder so many lead a chaotic or bumpy life, jumping around from wanting this for five minutes, then that for the next and yet totally unable to say yes to anything. As five year old L.J  said to me when I was dithering over eating some birthday cake…just eat it.  She was right…so I did…gluten and all…and you know what, it was fine.  I could have easily said, I don’t think so and put an end to the dithering just as quickly, but the cake tasted sooo good.  So here I…

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