My Darling One and friends are currently enjoying something I think is called “the bowls”, daily, incessantly…not quite obsessively…but close. As anyone who knows me, even slightly, can attest to, there is nothing that you could tell me about “the bowls” that I’d be even remotely interested in. Not to offend anyone, but not only do I know nothing about football, be it American or British, I have not a smidgeon of  interest in discovering more. But oh my gosh I felt so sorry for the players, for the huge amount of time they must spend practicing. Being knocked silly on a daily basis didn’t strike me as much fun. I’m sure the rewards are great…but even so.  For those of you thinking…wow she’s so ignorant about football… yep, that’s ‘xactly what I’m saying. But I still get that it must take a lot of practice and that got me…

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