I was sharing a joke with a young assistant in Target,  one of my very, very favourite places to shop, especially for kids jim-jams (pyjamas to you dear readers).  And he asked me how I stayed so cheerful. Did I have a secret I’d share with him? I answered his questions as best I could, but driving home I thought about how I could have done a better job.  I’m not usually tongue-tied and My Darling One will attest to the fact that I have plenty to say, most of the time.  No, what he’d probably tell you is that I have plenty to say all of the time, but this conversation was unexpected and I was caught flat-footed.  However, I digress. So I began to ponder on what I wished someone had told me when I was a fresh-faced, eager, much younger me.  So, whilst unpacking the umpteenth box…

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