Out in front in Sri Lanka. My brother is your quintessentially British eccentric. He doesn’t drive and never has. At the age of 18 which is when you can get a driving license in the UK, he decided he didn’t want to drive, provoked in part by an accident he was in when his friend drove them into a ditch – I suppose it makes a little sense. He doesn’t own and has never used a computer.  Almost unbelievable, but oh so true. He loves cricket…how eccentric can you be?  Actually lots of Brits love cricket, so I suppose I can’t really count that.  Although in my opinion there’s something a little eccentric about the game itself.  Just my opinion. He loves the Times crossword puzzle, that’s the New York Times, not The  British Times and can even finish it…sometimes. He won’t see a Doctor under almost any circumstances…doesn’t believe…

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