Black Racer


Every time my Darling One leaves town something unexpected happens… for which I have no rational explanation. All you wonderful ones who read my musings fairly frequently will remember the story about the cell phone being left behind…the start of my Darling One’s little jaunt out of town. Next day finds me ‘tap-tap-tapping’ merrily, writing the most amazing post ever.. .well at least in my mind… but wait, what’s that noise, why is that tree, which by the way is right outside my window less than three feet away, shaking like that?  I’m adding all this extraneous information to create a bada boom moment. This is the tree in question…but really its more like an over sized shrub. And this is what was creating all the commotion in said tree: And yes, its very blurry, but you get the picture…pun intended. This my friends is a Florida Panther, and it’s…

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