I’ve been thinking about Sarah lately.  I haven’t seen her in donkey’s years. Sarah had a glass that was always half empty.  She had a habit of assuming the worst.  Whatever deal she was working on…well something was bound to go wrong.  Whatever relationship she was in…it wouldn’t work out…for reasons I never could fathom.  Be it health, wealth, happiness, career, it didn’t really matter, Sarah was set up for disaster.  Expecting it all to go to hell in a hand basket.  And big surprise…it usually did. Sarah’s woes I’d stop by to visit my Mum and Sarah would be there, pouring out her woes.  My Mum was a great listener.  All my life I think my friends were glad to be my friends because then they had my Mum’s shoulder to cry on.  It was a very broad, caring and welcoming shoulder. I heard my Mum telling Sarah, very…

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