What is it with me and Target?  Every time I’m there I seem to have ‘a Target experience’.  I’m not complaining, on the contrary I plan on continuing them…I’m just a little curious…what is it with me and Target? I wasn’t buying anything very interesting, or cute, just mundane stuff like picture hooks, because we are still surrounded by art work that belongs on a wall, not on the floor, and large garbage bags, because as I empty boxes I’m ruthlessly eliminating what we haven’t used in the past year.  Goodwill here we come. Even with boring purchases, the Check Out Assistant and I had a delightful, if short, exchange: Me:  “Well, you’re certainly a cheerful charlie.” C.O.A:  “I’ll be even more cheerful when my shift ends at 7.30 tonight.” Me: ” Wow, that’s a long day”.  It was 10 am at the time. C.O.A: “Yep, but I’m happy to…

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