afternoon tea


I stand accused.  I’m crushed.  Some friends have told me that the directions I gave them to our new home must be English directions, because they didn’t understand them and got lost…well not really lost…they had to call for clarification.  But in the old days, before cell phones, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, they would have been lost. Pondering, as I’m apt to do when accused of giving false information, I reached the conclusion that they might have a point, and there was something missing in my directions. I’m more accustomed to this: Take a right by the… Then left by the And when you come to the… You should see our place… To tell the truth…as I suppose I must…this is not really our house, this is The Oakley Court, a hotel near Windsor, England.  They do a very nice afternoon tea. Today’s trivia… the reason why there’s so…

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