sleepYou know what it’s like:

Frustrating…and often painful, at least emotionally.

And a total nightmare when you get a traffic ticket in the mail and you can’t even remember the offense.

I had every intention of sleeping more.

But years later, I was still cruising along on four hours of sleep. My sleeping habits had’t improved.

Of course, sleeping enough was on my to-do list. But I had so many things to do, I never made it a priority.

So it never got done.

The longer I waited to sleep more, the more my body lost functionality. The more I lost functionality, the more I got frustrated.

Yes, sleep deprivation seemed like a good idea at first. But over time, it slowly squeezed the life out of me.

Even though you may not realize it, sleep deprivation could be costing you big time.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

You think you’re quite productive when you sleep less because you have enough time to finish your to-do list.

It’s smarter to stay awake all day and night to complete your projects, rather than waste your time on something as inconsequential as sleep… Right?

Unfortunately, sleep deprivation always comes with a hidden price.

And it’s no small price you pay.

But, thank God there are warning signs, so you know when you should just go to sleep.

Want to know what they are?

This is what happens when you don’t sleep enough:

1. You act drunk…a sign of poor sleeping habits

A study shows that if you stay up between 18-20 hours in a row, your mental sufficiency is the same as those with a blood alcohol level of 0.1. You know what? This is the legal driving limit in the USA.

We live in this denial and say “I don’t need sleep.” But we hurt ourselves with this lie because we never give ourselves a chance to be our best self- not drunk. We never get to see what we can do with our sober self.

To be more productive in your business, you’ve got to stop this addiction. You’ve got to stop doing the sleep deprivation thing.moving forward


Commit. Reorganize your life so that when it’s time to go to bed, you’ve finished all the essentials. And make sleep one of those daily habits that you need to complete for the day.

2. You tend to forget things…another sign of poor sleeping habits

This study shows sleep deprivation affects our cognitive capabilities. The most important of these capabilities is our multitasking ability, which is the higher cortical.

And you know what?

Your sleep habits could potentially be deadly.

Driving is the most intensive multitasking activity we do.

When I got a traffic ticket in the mail saying I had driven through a red light at 17 miles per hour, I was shocked. I could not remember doing that.

I either survived because other drivers stopped when they saw me or there was no one at the intersection at the time.

I could have paid the ticket and moved on.

But then it hit me.

Sleep deprivation is costing me my life and my business. So, I chose to change my lifestyle. I chose to identify my sweet sleep spot. And doing this changed everything.

3. You gain extra love handles…yes…poor sleeping habits

Sleep deprivation is linked to overweight. For example, in a health study, researchers followed 60,000 women for 16 years, asking them about their weight, sleep habits, diets and other aspects of their lifestyle.

All women were healthy at the start of the study. No one was overweight. According to the Harvard study 16 years later, women who slept 5 hours or less per night had a 15 percent higher risk of becoming obese, compared with women who sleep seven hours per night.

This is exactly what happened to me. I was a chronic insufficient sleeper and this affected my appetite. I particularly desired carbohydrate foods… Those foods that end up on the hips.

A scientific study has found that sleep deprivation has major effects on the brain. It makes you want to eat more because your brain gets signals that your body is starving, which makes you eat and eat. Just like I did.

According to researchers in internal medicine, you compromise the effort to lose fat when you cut back on sleep. And that’s what happened- I gained weight.

Worst of all, sleep deprivation can act like “Miracle-Gro” for belly fat. I bet that’s not the kind of miracle you want, right?


Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate these sleep deprivation side effects.

Here’s what you need to do to find a sleep deprivation cure:

The first step is to understand your specific risks.

Then, create a plan on how to get enough quality sleep

By following simple daily habits, you can eliminate the risks that keep you from performing at your best.

I know you can do it.


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