how to overcome self-doubtSelf-doubt can be such a killer of dreams.

I used to call mine shyness and I allowed it to control what I did or did not do.

 I look back sometimes, with regret that I indulged this emotion so much.  I consider all the things I could have done if I simply chose to believe in myself.  

But hey, when you know better, you do better, right?

Well, I certainly know better now.

 I finally realized the fact that self-doubt is a choice.  I did not and DO NOT have to feel it and if by some very definite chance, it drops by for a visit, I certainly do not have to indulge it.  

I can choose to turn it around. 


Let me give you four ideas.

Remember who you are

So, you are faced with something you would like to do but all you can hear in your mind is the chirping of a crazy, scared sounding voice telling you that you are incapable of carrying that out.  

That is your opportunity to choose to remember that you are created in the image and the likeness of the Divine. 

You are powerful to create any life that you desire.  Your past does not define your future.  If so-and-so can do it, then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do it too.

You remind yourself of these things and many other affirming things so that you slowly but surely begin to see that you are quite capable of doing whatever you set your mind to do.  

Yes, when you start this practice of remembering, you will have to do it VERY frequently because self-doubt will not give up without a fight.

It will keep popping in through various nooks and crannies in your mind until you seal all those places with remembering, remembering, remembering.

Sometimes, you remember right out loud!  You simply choose no longer to indulge the feeling of self doubt. 

And yes, it will be tough at the start, you may feel like you are deluding yourself and you may find the frequency disconcerting. 

Most of my clients do not realize just how negative and doubt-filled they have allowed their mind to get so at the beginning of any work we do, there is a bit of shock as they realize the extent of the work that needs to be done. 

But in time, as you stick to your guns, you will notice that you begin to feel more and more capable.

Be there now

This is such a simple idea: so simple that most may not do it.  Please do not be ‘most’.

I want you to imagine yourself already ‘there’.  

‘THERE’ being at the fulfillment and completion of your goal.  

‘THERE’ where you are living out your goal and loving every minute of it.  

Prove to yourself in your imagination that it is worth the initial discomfort of changing your default state of thinking.

Get excited about how awesome life is when you are ‘there’.  

Really go to town in your imagination. 

Let me let you into a secret, your subconscious mind that keeps all your body ticking over and connects to the Divine, cannot always tell if you are imagining something or if it is real.

And it will do whatever it can to bring to you whatever you spend time picturing to life, even if that means sending you more confident feeling vibes so that you do some of the things you would normally avoid like the plague because you were beset with self-doubt.

So, use that super power of yours – your imagination – to really see the awesome picture of you being ‘THERE’ and then allow it to play out in your physical reality.

Be of service

I learned early on that if I continued to wallow in my self-doubting thoughts and feelings, they simply got worse.  

I could dig and dig for the meaning of life and why I felt the way I did and yes, I do believe and in fact, practice extensive amounts of emotional and mental healing. 

But sometimes, regardless of how wounded I felt, the quickest way to feel better was to serve someone else.

No matter how horrid I felt about myself and my chances on the inside, my mood and my self-confidence always rose if I turned the attention to someone else and figured out how to be of service.  

Even something as simple as saying ‘I love you’ to one of my children or my partner, popping on and doing an encouraging livestream on my Facebook page or some other act of service would always make me feel more high-vibe and a little bit confident.  

That then revved me up to take on another challenge that I may have been avoiding. 

I do it with no expectation of reward.  I do do it selfishly.  I simply want to feel better by making someone else feel better and it works.

Key words

Something I teach my prosperity clients to repeat certain key words over and over whenever they feel themselves going down hill in their self-belief.  

I suggest the same to you. 

What would you rather feel? 

Confidence, joy, success, peace, happiness, abundance.  Well, pick a few words, no more than about 5. 

You do not need to make them an affirmation so no “I am” because at times that causes your subconscious mind to fight back reminding you that you are not actually any of these things.  

So, just simply say the words.  Make them rhythmic. 

Get into the habit of repeating them under your breath and definitely whenever you feel the familiar feelings of self-doubt trying to take over.

Now, I wish I could tell you that you will get to the point in life where you never ever feel self-doubt but that would be a lie.  

As you continue to grow, there will be times when the whispers will come but I can say with full confidence that you do not have to indulge them for long.  

You can simply use any of the strategies above to turn it around quickly so that you can get on with the adventure of building a free, fulfilled, abundant life – the deliberate life!


Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist feeling the life force draining from her as she did work that was not on her purpose path.  She turned things around by living the DELIBERATE LIFE - A spiritual path for people determined to create abundance, fulfillment and freedom - Find out more by getting a free copy of her book - PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE - How to get clear, stay clear and take action to get what you want out of life - or find her on Facebook

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