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what-were-you-born-to-be Not everyone wants fame and fortune.  Not everyone wants to live a 9 to 5 life. And not every kid knows what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

And even if they do, sometimes life brings other things to be passionate about.

Perhaps what you’re doing now is no longer fulfilling, or was something you somehow got caught up in before you had time to say, ‘Hang on a minute.’

If it feels time to take a different path, or you’re wondering how and what to do, or you simply haven’t chosen a path that resonates with you, it helps to have a clue as to what might be more ideal for you before you launch yourself into the deep of the unknown. 🙂

Maybe the career path you’re on right now is not necessarily the one you were meant for. Perhaps it simply isn’t your ideal.

Maybe through the twists and turns of life you have made choices based on the opinions of others, or on monetary considerations.

Have you ever dreamed of changing your career for something entirely new? Maybe so. Maybe not. But maybe you’re curious!

And even if you don’t want to make any changes right now, it doesn’t hurt to check and see what career would be ideal for you.

I just took this quiz and even though I had no intention of doing anything other than what I currently do, it was amazing that, according to the results,  I’m born to be a writer.

Imagine that!

So if you’re up for a little fun, take this quick quiz and find out what you were born to be.

And if you’d like to let me know in the comments how it turned out for you, I’d love to know!

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Elle Sommer is the author and founder of Live Purposefully Now, a website focused on sharing the insights and ancient wisdom that have collectively changed her life, in the desire to make a meaningful impact on yours. Trained at Coach U and having completed a year long training with Bob Proctor, her mission is to encourage and inspire others to build the business, relationships and life they want. You can also find her on Healthy Natural Oils her new website for helping you get started with essential oils for more natural health, well-being happiness and success in your life!

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  • Hey Elle,

    Cool quiz. I always find these types of quizzes to be interesting because I seem to get different results. Perhaps it has something to do with the points in my life when I take them. Anywho, it’s really interesting that yours came out to be spot on. That makes it even more intriguing!


    • I like throwing in these quizzes every now and then Lea…just because they’re fun and also give food for thought. Honestly, given the answers I gave I’m astounded that the quiz threw out a writer for me. 🙂

  • This quiz was shockingly accurate for me. Even when I tweaked it a bit to an earlier time in my life and ambitions, it changed but was accurate for that time too!

    Where did it come from?!

    Jared recently posted:

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