Rich Living.

I used to say you can’t be more than happy.  But watching these two little sprites, otherwise known as LJ and OW maybe I’m wrong.  They live life at a level of pure joy that would melt the hardest of heart and elevate the happiest soul.

Yesterday, we spent the morning here:


They literally flew around the center, touching, smelling, hearing and seeing as many things as possible.  Every sense was connected, every experience a thrill.


Life is either a glorious, exciting adventure.


Or something to contemplate.


They have a zest for life that’s beyond happy, that embraces each little moment with a hug and moves on to the next.  That doesn’t hang on to old hurts or wounds but throws itself into the next more wonderful experience.  Can you remember it?

I want to recapture that same love of life, that delights the heart and gladdens the eye, that relishes each moment and simply says yes.   Now that’s a rich life indeed.

Encourage one another

And be encourage by the joy of little ones.

Love Elle


2 thoughts on “Rich Living.

  1. christine says:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful day…. little ones are so amazing. It warms your heart to see them enjoying themselves.

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