Releasing Technique

releasing technique for negative energy

If you’ve lived with relationship challenges, money problems, health difficulties, fear (who hasn’t) lack of direction, little or no contentment, shyness, trouble at work or school or in your business…basically whatever…this releasing technique could change your life.

It’s changed mine in so many ways.  My crazy brain, consciously and unconsciously was running a number on me. Keeping me locked in to all sorts of experiences I didn’t want, thank you very much!

It wasn’t so bad with the things I was aware of…I could keep them in check a little.  But those inner unseen beliefs, fears and worries had me stymied.

Until I began to see that if I wasn’t experiencing what I wanted, with all the information I had at my fingertips on how to make that happen, it was because I had  beliefs, fears and worries that created an inner resistance.

But how the heck can you change what you can’t see?

Great question, right?

So I’m going to tell you about a simple technique designed to release fear and negative energy, that I use to really great effect.

It’s sort of a method of enquiry that helps you to release resistance and get it out of your system.  Releasing all that energy that holds you back from living your ideal life.

The idea being that as we release resistance to things we’d like to be true in our world, we’ll get to a place where we have abundance and a state of mind where those unseen and un-noticed beliefs no longer cause havoc in our life.

Then we get to experience more of what we want.


Honestly it is so simple that you might dismiss it with an imperious wave of your hand…but please don’t it really works.

Dismissing this super simple technique to allow you to experience more of what you want doesn’t pack the same punch as doing it and experiencing the joy and victory of new possibilities in life.

So are you game to try the releasing experiment?…

And this is a very basic version… that helps you begin to release your own trapped energy. The energy that keeps getting in the way of you  experiencing what you want.


Ok…so first choose the thing you would like to see grow in your world.  Health?  Love?  Money?  Business success?

Whatever it is.

Put your hand over your solar plexus and all you have to do is say yes to this one question you are going to ask yourself.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, just say yes.

Open up an imaginary door right over your stomach area where you’re hand is because you’re going to let the energy flow out. This might seem a little hokey…but stick with me…

Sometimes this releasing makes us laugh out loud. So if you find yourself there, be glad, negative energy is being released.

Ok, hand over stomach…the question to ask yourself is simply this,

“Am I willing to release all and any resistance to……(fill in the blank, it might be money flowing easily to me…it might be my health becoming ever more vibrant and strong, or experiencing the most wonderful relationship…I think you get the picture.)

Repeat the question two or three times. Always answering yes.

I like to speak it out loud, but feel free to have an inner conversation if you’re more comfortable with that.

Then simply ask:

“Am I willing to release it some more?” Answer yes.

“And some more?” Answer yes.

Until you end up asking yourself…

“Am I willing to accept the ideal….(fill in the blank…amount of money, relationship, or perfect health to name a few.)

And then you’re done.

I said it was simple. I also said it works. I know this because if it works for me, which it does, it will most definitely work for you.

All that’s required is your participation to usher you over the line from fear, doubt or worry to ultimately feeling that everything is going your way.

It’s a wonderful feeling. And you deserve nothing less.

Love Elle



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