If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt and low self-esteem you know how hard it can be to accept who you are, let alone think highly of yourself.

And as for giving yourself credit for where you are in life today, from where you were last year, well that rarely happens does it?

Yet nothing is more important than how you see yourself and the way you think about yourself and talk to yourself.  Nothing!

Here’s an incredibly simple secret of the universe.  We cannot, we will not ever rise above the image we hold of ourselves.  It can’t be done.

For whatever we believe on the inside is manifested on the outside.  Your outer physical life plays out as a reflection of your inner imaginative world.

And no matter how long you’ve struggled with self-doubt and lack of self-esteem there’s something greater within you that can hold you up when you’re falling or failing.  

And all you need do is become aware of the power that connects you to all that is and begin to use it.  The Universe will follow your lead…it cannot lead you.

You can rise to any challenge, you can bring any dream to life, you can take action today to begin to see yourself in a brand new light.  And bring a brand new world to life.

And it begins with how you choose to see yourself. 

This is your greatest task and here are some incredibly simple things you can do to raise your self-esteem, and release your greater self into your world.

And they’re all about self-care.  

Self-care is a necessary ingredient in the recipe for raising your self esteem. 

The message you’re sending, the vibration of energy you occupy when you care for yourself is that you matter  You are valuable. You are worthy. And the Universe will respond to the power within and life will start to say yes to your dreams and desires.

Forgive your past self

It isn’t easy to confront those parts of us that hide in the shadows of our past. But your willingness to accept that you are less than perfect, just like the rest of us, shines a light on the darkness of whatever lies within.

Whatever you did or didn’t do, is long gone so stop letting the regrets of the past keep you locked in a prison of self-doubt or low self-esteem.

Try being your best friend instead of your own worst enemy and forgive your past self.  We all do the best we can with what we have and where we are at the time. And it’s okay.

And remember your acceptance of yourself, your ability to see the potential in yourself and your patience with yourself will be reflected in your ability to see the same for others. 

You have to be it, to see it.

Write down 3 things you see as valuable about you

At the end of each day, every day, ask yourself what are 3 things I value about myself.  

It’s important to your overall well-being to know how amazing and spectacular you are. So even when you look in the mirror, be kind to yourself.

And if you can’t come up with 3 things that you can see, what 3 things do you think your friends would see?

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.  

Sometimes I can only come up with the same 3 things for a few nights. And yes, I do this myself, because like you I need to raise my self-esteem sometimes. 

Hey, we’re all human beings.  Maybe we are human beings having a spiritual experience as Wayne Dyer used to say.  But that still makes us human beings.  

Even Paul McCartney of Beatles fame has moments of insecurity even today.

Once you start keeping these reminders on a regular basis you’ll be able to read through them some nights and give yourself a quick self-esteem boost.

Believe me, it’ll feel good!

Bring some healing energy into your home

There’s so many ways to create healing energy and raise your vibration.

Lush indoor plants can create a healing atmosphere and instantly raise your feel good more here.

Or try a little aromatherapy…there’s nothing quite like diffusing an essential oil like Peace & Calming or Stress Away and it’s a great way to balance your mind and spirit if you’re feeling a little disconnected or filled with self-doubt.

Aromatherapy is wonderful fragrant way to lower stress levels and trigger happier, peaceful feelings.

Remember life responds to our vibration of energy. And our experiences are there simply to reveal the energy we frequently occupy.

How would your life be different if you could live in the energy of confidence and self-appreciation more than the energy of self-doubt?

And you can start the process by creating an atmosphere of healing energy in your home.

Do something new and different

Being willing to try new things, to challenge yourself a little

Just because something has made you happy in the past, doesn’t mean there aren’t new things that will make you happy or even happier now. It’s like that old saying different input equals a different output.

And by accepting the challenge of trying something new, the way you see yourself changes.  Your opinion of yourself goes up a little.

You might not be doing something spectacular, but so what?  You took a new step towards something that is empowering.

And you can truly appreciate yourself for that.  Can’t you?  

Don’t expect anything, just step out of that old habit of being regularly, by just telling yourself you’re going to go for doing something new today.

And if you bite off more than you can chew and it begins to be scary, take a step back and go for something a little smaller.

Be kind to yourself and be gentle.  You might not get to exactly where you want to with your new challenges, but bear in mind there are those out there who would love to be where you are right now.

Take a bath

Take an Epsom salts bath for positive effects on your mind, body and spirit and add 10-12 drops of a therapeutic grade essential oil like Lavender.

Epsom salts baths together with essential oils not only can relieve aching joints or sore muscles (always a good thing) but they also relax the nervous system and help replenish magnesium levels in your body.

Did you know that most of us are sadly lacking in magnesium?  Nor did I until a few months ago. But apparently it’s a factor in heart disease.  Ouch.

So why not get some extra magnesium into your system by soaking in this relaxing bath mixture.  Magnesium helps produce the mood-elevating chemical in the brain, serotonin, which creates wonderful tranquil feelings and alleviates any stress that’s built up in the day.

And for those of us having a day filled with self-doubt and low self-esteem that’s a big win.

Count the benefits of raising your self-esteem

  • You’ll begin to like and love yourself more and life begins to like and love you back and things simply become easier.
  • You’ll see yourself in a better light and stop needing validation from others. 
  • You’ll feel you deserve a great life and stop all those self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • You’ll have much better relationships. Be it with your intimate other, friends or at work, because being with you will become a lighter, happier experience with a lot less drama.
  • You’ll be happier.

And I know this to be true because it’s true for me.  Which is why I still do everything necessary to keep my self-esteem on an even keel each day.  And I’ve never been happier than I am today.  

And I truly believe your life can be a beautiful experience too, if you allow it.

Today is your new day. 

This is your opportunity to change your life story and see how wonderful your life can be as you see your goals and dreams transform from things you merely hoped for to something within your grasp.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle




Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.

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