Quiz: Which Hogwart House Do You Think You Belong In?

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Which Hogwart House do you belong in?

I’m not kidding. This is a real quiz with a scientific bent.

Do you like personality quizzes?

I do…even though I know most of them are junk, they’re still fun.  And I like them.

What’s your dominant chakra?  Who’s your guardian angel or what color is your energy?

Not plausible at all…but fun.

I’ve never taken any of them seriously.  But then I don’t even take the Myers-Briggs test seriously either.  And that’s one that’s used frequently in business for future development of staff or even hiring.

Okay…I’m something of a cynic, or a sceptic.  Take your pick.

And yet, I still find those fun, quick personality tests incredibly addictive.  When I see one I often stop and take it.  Just for fun, of course!

But I’ve just come across one that sounds like pseudo science, but actually isn’t.

Christopher Soto, psychology professor at Colby College has come up with something called big five themes.  And the idea behind this is that we all have a little of all these five traits.  So we get to see where we fall on the spectrum of each of the  five big traits.

And to connect with those of us who enjoy those fun, pseudo sciency quizzes (like me, and maybe you) they came up with this. It’s fun and not pseudo science at all.

What’s not to like?

‘Find Your Hogwart House’. The Hogwart sorting quiz, or hat, whatever you prefer, actually corresponds to psychologically acknowledged personality traits.

How fun is this?

Just in case you’re curious as to where I sat on the scale.  Gryffindor 81, Ravenclaw 78, Hufflepuff 70, and Slytherin 50.

I thought for sure I’d be in Hufflepuff.  I sort of like the name. 🙂

Here’s the Find Your Hogwarts House test for those who are as curious as I was as to where the sorting hat would place you.

Meanwhile, regardless of which Hogwarts House you were placed in…

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



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