Is your spiritual growth a priority in your life?

In these trying times, finding outer fulfillment is becoming so incredibly scarce. 

No matter which way you turn, we are constantly bombarded by toxicity and negativity.  Rather than succumbing to these outward influences, this is where we can make a change in our lives and focus on living spiritually.

Living spiritually does not mean that you are religious or even believe in any sort of God, it only means that you become more aware of yourself, your surroundings, and the world. 

As we grow older, the less the material world has to offer us.  If we decide to make spirituality our #1 priority in life then we can live a life with purpose and fulfillment.

There is peace now – this is where spirituality comes in

No matter what scenario you are facing life there will always be this inner peace that is around not only you but enveloping the entire universe. 

There is an endless amount of free, loving peace right inside of us and yet so many of us often forget that this is the case.

I’ve tried living through my goals and successes and in the end, I only fell on my face.  I was very lucky to learn this early in my life, that there isn’t any fulfillment through our outer world. 

The fast money, the cars, the relationships we know we shouldn’t be in, all of these experiences are inherently fleeting.

They pass us by so quickly and we are only left wanting more.  This is where spirituality comes in. 

When we live a life that is in line with our soul, our deepest purpose, we no longer feel the need to chase and chase.  Finding the peace that is right here, right now, makes us feel a sense of calm that can’t be shaken.

When we live through our spirit, it can almost feel at times there is a gentle wind that is always there to catch us. 

The same could be said when we know we are following a path of regret, we know what we are getting ourselves into and yet we still make these mistakes over and over.

Living Your spirituality

Spirituality has become a “meme” of sorts these days, everyone wants to be “mindful” and “meditate” in between their Instagram selfie, but what does it really mean to be spiritual?

Spirituality is the culmination of inner growth, inner work, and connection with the being that is within every one of us. 

Life is teaching us in every instance but it can only teach you if you are willing to take a look inside.  It can be incredibly difficult when things that seem “bad” happen to us and we may want to quickly shift blame. But the purpose of these moments is for us to look inside and grow from them.

This is what it really means to be spiritual; it means to find the beauty in every moment of life as it is.  This requires no religion, no God, and it surely does not cost anything.

The more you look deep within yourself the greater the rewards.  It’s not easy to look at ourselves without any sort of bias but to look within and be honest is how you grow. Honesty is your best friend when it comes to spirituality.

Finding Yourself 

The best moments in my life have been moments that didn’t cost a penny. 

Things that may seem comical, like listening to a beautiful song and looking at a tree in front of me and just embracing this moment, this is what it means to smell the roses.

spiritual growth

When we are on our death beds, what will we remember?

The money we left in our banks or the car in our driveway?  How about that one time we got a promotion at our job?

They won’t even cross your mind.  What you will remember are all the moments that made you feel, moments that struck a chord within you so much that you haven’t ever forgotten them.

When you begin meditating, clearing up inner conflict, being a better human being, life starts to change its perspective.  Instead of this monotonous daily grind that most are used to, every day begins to seem nothing short of a miracle.

You see, it is a miracle that we are alive.  Somehow in this cosmic randomness, we were awoken to consciousness and we get to experience this blip in time as short as it is. 

It’s such an amazing feeling and yet so often drowned out by our busy lives.

When you get a moment to just sit there, in total peace, there is nothing better than that.  If you tried to put a price on this feeling you would discover it was priceless.  

Spirituality IS fulfillment, there is no other choice in our lives.

Living Fulfilled

It is only at the moment when we are totally in our life’s purpose and know that we are bettering this world that we can find that deep fulfillment.  

I’ve tried it all, I’ve tried pursuing relationships, bettering my body, bettering my financial situation, nothing has compared to the feeling of living spiritually.

It’s almost comical how hard I chased my life only to come to such a simple conclusion.

It may be hard to digest – that there isn’t any fulfillment in our outer world.  And it’s something we can only find out for ourself.  

If you are having difficulty in your life finding your purpose and fulfillment, I urge you to take a look inside of yourself and simply have a conversation with yourself.

Ask yourself if you’re happy.  

Ask yourself if you want to keep going down this road.  

Ask yourself if you want to make a change.

These conversations with ourselves are a way for us to get to know ourselves better. It’s not too late to make a start even if you’ve ignored yourself for far too long.  Begin now.  No more delays.

I urge you to find fulfillment in your life.  There is only one life to live, there is just one road to go down.  


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Hi, my name is Roy Cohen.  I have a website Claiming Clarity where I blog about spirituality, spiritual awakening, and meditation.  I hope to reach as many people as possible and help people along the same road I have gone down over the years


  1. I fully agree! Spirituality is so important because everything else passes. Part of being a spiritual person though is taking care of our life in this world as well.

    • Isn’t that the truth Sandra. I really enjoyed this guest article. I’m also a big believer in “as within, so without” so ensuring the inner world is in good shape also ensures the outer world is too. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this post. I would equate spirituality on a broader scale with mental health and your relationship with yourself. And, yes, those do need to be the most important things in your life becaue everything else hinges on them. I agree with Sandra, in that spirituality also encompasses our relationship with others and the planet.

    • So true Debbie. I to believe everything hinges on our inner selves which is why it would make everyone’s life so much more wonderful if they gave even a little time to their inner world in order to live a greater life in their outer or physical world.

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