We’re all busy, and let’s face it, we don’t always think about practicing affirmations, or positive self-talk in the mirror when we are rushing off to work in the morning.

So, how do you fit positive affirmations into your daily routine? 

You don’t have to spend an hour talking yourself up in the mirror. There are many easy ways to incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine. 

What is the purpose of positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are focused on the subconscious mind. They help shift your thinking in a less negative direction. They are simply positive statements that help you think more positively.

I’ve personally used positive affirmations for self-confidence, and they’ve actually helped me combat negative feelings about my self-worth. 

People use them for all sorts of things like money, success, love, health, and more. 

Do positive affirmations actually work?

Yes… and no. You can’t use an affirmation like a magic spell. In other words, you can’t just say it and expect things to happen. I mean wouldn’t we all love to say, “I will be a millionaire tomorrow” and have it happen?

Unfortunately, they don’t work like that. 

Positive affirmations work by altering your thoughts. Your thoughts affect your mood and your actions which results in you feeling and acting in different ways.

For example, if you say to yourself every morning, “I am a successful business women”, you start to believe it and start taking small steps everyday towards making your business goals a reality. 

You could also say “I attract positivity in my life”, and subconsciously let go of negative thoughts that were holding you back while cutting out negative people in your life.

Basically, the positive affirmation affects your thoughts which then affects your actions causing you to make positive changes. 

Importance of adding affirmations Into Your daily routine

You make small judgments about yourself, the world, and others around you every day without even realizing it. Your thoughts, negative and positive, are already intertwined into your daily routine. 

Practicing positive affirmations daily allows you to consciously add more positive thoughts while combating negative thinking.  

Adding daily affirmations into your routine is easier than you think. Here are 5 easy ways you can add positive affirmations into your daily routine :

1. Sticky note reminders

Sticky notes are a great way to remind us about important things, but I bet you’ve never thought to fill them with positive affirmations.

Remembering to say the positive affirmations is the hardest part of practicing daily positive affirmations, but sticky notes help give you little reminders wherever you look. 

Put one positive affirmation on each sticky note and stick them to places you look at often such as the fridge, your bathroom mirror, or your closet door.

When you come across a sticky note, either read it aloud or read it in your head a few times. Change out the sticky notes with new affirmations each week so you have new positive thoughts to process.

2. Positive affirmative sounds

I’ve recently started using positive affirmation sounds and it is a game changer.

Just look up “positive affirmations” wherever you listen to music- Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, etc.

Most sounds have relaxing music and nature sounds playing in the background while a narrator says positive affirmations. There is a pause between affirmations to allow you to repeat the affirmation aloud. 

These sounds are great for people who are always on the go because you can listen to them in the car, turn them on while you are eating, or even listen to them while you are working out.

They are also really convenient because you don’t have to spend a ton of time looking up a list of positive affirmations to say. 

3. Journaling your affirmations 

Journaling is a great way to dig deeper into the affirmation and find your “why” behind the words. I recommend writing down the affirmation a few times then asking yourself why this affirmation resonates with you or “what do I want to get out of saying this affirmation?” 

The affirmation can be used as somewhat of a journal prompt that can help guide you to become more mindful of your own thoughts and emotions.

For example, if you are saying “I am a strong and confident women” as your affirmation, write down when you feel most confident or describe what a confident woman looks like to you.

Spend a few minutes when you wake up in the morning or during your night routine to journal your positive affirmations. Writing down one down a day in a notebook or journal can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and will be extremely beneficial long-term. 

4. Practicing with a partner

Positive affirmations are most often said alone but saying them out loud with a partner you trust can also be beneficial. Practice positive affirmations with a partner by having them say the affirmation to you and you repeat it back. 

It might look something like this:

Partner: You are free of worry and regret 

You: I am free of worry and regret

Partner: Your positive thoughts will become your reality 

You: My positive thoughts will become my reality 

It can be helpful to hear positive things about yourself coming from someone else, but it’s also important to repeat the positive affirmation back to yourself.

A partner can also help keep you accountable for saying your daily affirmations, so you can incorporate it easier into your daily routine.

5. Saying your affirmations while you get ready 

Saying your affirmation in the mirror is what most people think of when you say “practice positive affirmations.” And although it can be very awkward at first, it’s actually very beneficial to see yourself saying the positive words. 

Write down a few thoughts in the notes on your phone or keep a list of your favorite positive affirmations taped to the mirror, so you aren’t frantically searching for good affirmations while trying to get ready. 

Keeping these handy, will make it much more likely for you to use them every day. Eventually, you might have your favorite words memorized so you can easily add them to any part of your daily routine. 

I hope these five ways to add positive affirmations into your daily routine help you create small daily mindset changes towards a more positive life.


Gabby is the owner of the personal development and lifestyle blog www.gabbyjames.com. She aims to offer real and transparent advice to help others live their life to the fullest. Gabby is passionate about the importance of positive thinking, self-care, and the benefits of journaling. 


  1. I use affirmations daily and have for years. They really are helpful in setting a tone for the day and helping me feel confident and calm. They actually can change the wiring and default thought patterns in your brain over time. They are a powerful mental health tool available to us all.

  2. Love these. I haven’t been able to get into a habit of positive affirmations. These ideas will help!

  3. Zoe Wells

    Great tips! I keep a list of positive affirmations near my desk. I work from home so I read them every morning and it’s a positive start to my day!

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