A Tiger And Me.

Today I had to remind myself to breathe.  Not that I wasn’t actually breathing, but you’d have thought I’d just run a marathon…and I don’t do running…of any kind.  Too many things jiggle.

I was feeling giddy.  I’d like to tell you was excitement, but it was  more like, how long ’till Christmas day??  You’ve got to be kidding, it’s really only 5 days away?  I thought I was ahead of the game.  I thought I was pretty well done…and that was three weeks ago!

What happened?  In a nutshell, perfectionism came back to bite me in the btm…a very polite British expression for butt.  Having a tiger by the tail can be a pain in said btm…and that’s what a recovering perfectionist has, a gigantic tiger’s tail, that they never quite let go of.

So for all of us recovering perfectionists, what’s to be done?  My Mum’s list for helping me in overcoming perfectionism.  I still use it, when that tiger roars.

It’s just a paper tiger after all!

Tiger hunt とら


1. Slow down, give yourself a break, take a few deep breaths and acknowledge everything you’ve done.  I bet it’s a great job.

2. Guard your thoughts.  On no account are you allowed to think or believe or speak of how little time you have left.  If you’re focused on anything other than what you want, let it go.  It’s not helpful.

3. Jettison that ‘should’ list…there’s no room for it in your world where everything will turn out just fine.  Doesn’t it always?  Stop expecting more of yourself than you ever would of others.  Be kind…to you.

4. At the first sign of overwhelm.  Stop.  Remember what really matters and it’s not having the best, biggest, or greatest of anything. Nor is it the perfect or the most beautiful…it’s the love and the joy that count.  Try to see it all from the heart.

5. Overwhelm isn’t created by what has to be done, but how you view what has to be done, by your perception of what has to be done.  Imagining it’s all easy and fun is a great way to prevent overwhelm from ruling the roost.

6. Whatever is happening, choose to feel it’s all going to be okay.

My Mum always helped me feel better.



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