I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly. ~ Buckminster Fuller

If there was one question that might be a guide to living a great life, what do you think it might be?

Truth be told there’s probably tons of them, but today I found myself asking:  are you a self-fulfilled person Elle?

Why on earth would anyone ask themselves that?

All I can say is, it just popped into my head whilst on my early morning constitutional.  Do you think I need to seek spiritual or psychological help for this malady?

Never mind.  That’s a crummy question anyway.

But I am asking THE question of you:  Are you a self-fulfilled person?  Hmmm.  What say you?

Need some clues?  Okey dokey.

Do you love life?

Are you creative?

Do you have high energy?

Where are you on having a sense of humour?

Do you have good relationships in your life?

If you can lay claim to these characteristics, then you are most definitely a self fulfilled person.  And no, that’s not just according to me…it’s according to that master of  the hierarchy of needs…Maslow.

If you can’t in all honesty claim every single solitary one of these characteristics as your own, don’t fret.  How about these:

Do you see yourself as liked, wanted, acceptable and capable?

Can you accept yourself as you are?

Are you filled with a sense of oneness with others? (I’m adding ‘mostly’ here, ‘cos there’s always that odd one.  Well isn’t there?)

Would you say that you have a rich store of information and knowledge?

Can’t lay claim to all these either?  Maybe not entirely self-fulfilled according to this criteria?  No worries.  According to the late Dr. Arthur Combs we’re not born with these characteristics, we achieve them.  I say, maybe, maybe not.

But if you’re willing to renew the concept you have of yourself then you’re on to a winner.

1. How you see yourself

This is where it all begins.  With us.

You have wonderful gifts to give the world.  Gifts, just waiting to be shared with those of us who need them.  You might not recognize them as you read these words.  But just take a moment to see, really see yourself.  Try taking a look at yourself through the eyes of God.

Are you able to see the marvelous, miraculous being you are?  You are already a gift to this Universe we operate and dwell in.  Perhaps no-one has ever told you that you’re such a gift.  No matter.  Know that you are.

You don’t have to go out and  ‘make something of yourself’ from the perspective that you’re not good enough as you are, right now.  You don’t have to do more and more to prove yourself.  Get off that treadmill, unless you’re happy going round in circles.

Are you ready to begin gift giving this year?  Great…

2. Begin at the beginning

Begin with you.  Begin by respecting yourself, being compassionate with yourself, giving yourself the love and kindness you deserve and you’ll move inexorably towards the self-fulfilled you.

Don’t measure yourself by the usual definitions of success and satisfaction.  What makes life meaningful for you might be totally off the wall to me, or others.  Who cares?  Your life is a gift you were given and you are filled to overflowing with gifts to bestow on our world.

It’s all about developing the greatest aspects of ourself…to see ourselves as the great masterpieces that we are, and develop our physical, social, emotional and spiritual selves.

We do this in order to live our lives in a state of high awareness, completeness, joyfulness and to experience those amazing, transcendent moments of bliss, unity and understanding.  And we definitely have to love that…it’s our natural state after all.

3. We’re judged by the world only as we judge ourselves

Practice appreciating yourself a little more.  Practice noticing the everyday ordinary gifts you give and receive.  Comforting a friend. Kindness to a stranger. Hugging a child.  Practice appreciating your life and the role you play in ours.

The potential to live a self-fulfilled life is within all of us.  Stop asking yourself if you’re worthy or unworthy, if you’re capable or not, if you can or if you can’t.

When you visualize daily, as having already achieved your desire..any desire…you set up powerful vibrations and attract the ways and means, the ideas and opportunities that help you.

Time to let go of wondering how things happen, or what you have to do to experience success.  The universe moves in mysterious and wonderful ways that you and I could never devise by ourselves.  It surely is a wonderful world we live in.

We carry within us the wonders we seek without us. ~ Sir Thomas Browne

All you need is now. Today is your point of power. Pay attention to the gifts of today.  Take care of today by filling yourself with joyful thoughts and more ideas, and actions to take, will be revealed to you tomorrow and more again the next day.

By choosing to see ourselves in a different way, we can be uplifted, even inspired.  Self esteem is the food of the spirit.  So let’s all see ourselves as capable and wanted, accept ourselves just as we are right now, and take our place in the universal oneness, from whence we came. And voila, there were are in all our self-fulfilled glory.

Feels pretty good doesn’t it?  Not too shabby a question to guide our life.

What questions do you use that guide you?

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Hi Elle, I did a lot better on the second set than the first. Maybe that’s because I have a terrible cold today and it hurts to breathe so “loving life” and “high energy” are definitely NOT on the table at the moment! I’ll come back to it when I’ve recovered and see if my attitude has blossomed πŸ™‚

    • Elle

      Love your attitude Julie “I’ll come back to it…and see if my attitude has blossomed”. And I think that’s it in a nutshell. Attitude. Thanks for your insight…wise, as usual. πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Elle…thank you for the wonderful affirmation of life!

    • Elle

      Thanks Joy, nice to see you in this lovely new year…have a great one. πŸ™‚

  3. Elle-

    Since I learned about Abraham Maslow in college, I have believed in the validity of his writings. Several well known researchers, authors, and Master Programs at Universities have taken what he has written and used them in developing their work. SO…I’m not surprised to see you mentioning him as well as the quote from Buckminster Fuller. As always, an inspiring, loving post. xxoo-Fran

    • Elle

      Hello Fran, thanks for your insight, I certainly didn’t know that Maslow’s work is a foundation for programmes at Universities…so interesting to hear…I just remember the times I’ve personally had one of those’peak experiences’ he wrote about and was able to say YES.. Not as many as I’d choose to have though. πŸ™‚

  4. Elle,

    I am blown away by this. As I recommit myself to allowing the best version of me to shine through, this spoke deeply to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for sharing your gifts!


    • Elle

      Hello Juls and welcome to the party. How cool and no surprise that as you allow the best you to shine, you would come across this particular post. We both know there are no accidents in the universe – so you drew a reflection to you of what makes your heart sing. Congrats…what a lovely place to be. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Elle, Yes i can say i am a self fullfiled person. I am lovin life. Love this quote “I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

    Thanks for making my day, letting me know i am on the right track.

    • Elle

      Hi Debbie, welcome. How wonderful that you can answer a resounding yes to being self-fulfilled. Isn’t it nice when we see confirmation of where we are? πŸ™‚

  6. Joseph Appaloosa

    I so enjoyed re-visiting the B. Fuller quote !
    We are indeed presented with the option to be “de-geniused” many times over, by loved ones and strangers alike. But the truth in your powerful observation ” we are filled to overflowing with gifts to bestow on the world”gives us back our genius and the pathway to our true and greater selves.
    This article is wonderful . . . and perhaps reveals the retrospective facet of your holiday Caribbean cruise? Thank you !
    Write on, Elle !

    • Elle

      Hello Joseph, it seems we’re both B. Fuller lovers. He said the most amazing things, it’s hard not to include him! I never thought of the reflective element of the cruise, but you might well have a point. Glad you resonate with the concept that we’re all filled to overflowing with gifts. It’s so true, and yet sometimes, we miss, or forget it. πŸ™‚

    • Elle

      Welcome Sandi and thanks for the kind words. πŸ™‚

  7. Inspiring Elle! We do put ourselves down a the drop of a hat don’t we? I read awhile ago to have a note on your mirror or somewhere where you’ll see it everyday – I’m great! I tried it and it is uplifting every time I read it. Just a reminder that we are “capable and wanted.” Thanks so much!

    • Elle

      I like that idea Cathy – anything and everything that helps remind us who we are, and what we have to give the world. Each in our own unique way has so much on offer and I for one am ready to receive everyone’s offering! πŸ™‚

    Reading your words was like taking a fresh cool shower! My eyes are wide, and I feel the rush.
    It’s so easy to fall off course and get fixated on the questions & feelings that keep us stuck, rather than embracing the miraculous that is.

    ” if you’re willing to renew the concept you have of yourself then you’re onto a winner.” LOVE THAT!

    • Elle

      Thanks Aileen for your oh so kind words. I’m happy my words were meaningful to you too. πŸ™‚

    • Elle

      Thank you so much Glynis for your kind words. And my blessing is your motivation, so thank you twice over. πŸ™‚

  9. I am lovin life. Love this quote β€œI am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

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