You don’t have to settle for okay when you think about the life you want to live, and today I have a question for you.  Are you ready?  And I mean really ready to find out why you’re not living the life you want?

And if you are, the obvious next question is what do you plan to do about it?  Or are you already doing what you can yet living the life you want still seems out of reach. 

The bottom line is that most people aren’t living the life they want because they’re living it the wrong way round.  They live life from the outside in

They don’t remember, or maybe never knew that success, that life itself happens from the inside out and that to change the outside they must first change the inside. 

Perfect moments don’t come along every day, but this is one of them for me to remind you to follow or recommit to following spiritual practices that will make for happy successful living whoever you are and whatever is happening in your life right now. 

And they work because they’re all about living from the inside out.

This is how you prepare life to give you the most dramatic breakthrough achievements you can imagine, where you can enjoy totally new levels of success in your wellbeing and health, in your relationships, and financial affairs.


As you accumulate tiny ‘micro moments’ of positive spiritual practices you’ll find they bring huge results in greater overall wellbeing, happiness and success.

Living the life you want is not a matter of possibility or opportunity, it’s a matter of focusing your attention on the right things.

It’s a matter of living the life you want from a mindset of optimism. It’s a matter of living from the inside out. It’s about having an optimistic mindset in each and every day.

So how about you, are you already an optimist or can you become one and maybe jump to a higher plane of success than you’ve ever operated on before?

Here’s 3 spiritual practices that will have you operating life from the right perspective, in the right way, from the inside out. And believe me when I tell you this can create bigger breakthroughs than have you ever imagined before.

1. Change your rules for success


Think of it this way.  Doing more of the same usually gives you more of the same. 

It’s time  to shift gears. Your old, maybe sort of successful, maybe not, success habits can became major obstacles to jumping onto that higher life plane.

So get ruthless about trying something different.  Rely more on your inner direction than working out ‘how’ something can happen.

If you start to focus on what will be involved, you’ll get bogged down in methods of ‘making things happen.’

That’s just walking the same path you’ve walked before.

We’re always being outer distracted or inner directed. 

So switch to the inner directed method for a totally different way to jump on that plane to success. The one that means you’ll be living the life you want through easier means.

Take time every day and imagine the outcome you want.

See it in your minds eye.

Live the experience in your imagination.

Feel in your heart what it feels like. 

And then go about your business in your normal way.

Feeding your subconscious mind with these images has a direct impact on you and your life experiences. Especially when repeated, at least once a day.

Your subconscious can’t tell time.  It thinks everything is now. So as you share thoughts, affirmations and images with your subconscious it believes them to be true.

That’s why when you watch scary movies, even though your conscious mind knows they aren’t true, your subconscious doesn’t and believes they’re happening right now. And you get goosebumps or those chilling feelings in the pit of your stomach.

So feeding your subconscious with positive mental images and words is vitally important to living the life you want, and in a little while you will find yourself naturally having new ideas, and new thoughts.

Ideas and thoughts that will shape your day and power you towards your new future.

It’s a pretty easy and fun way to get on the path towards living that life you want and best of all everyone has the same ability to do this.

Your subconscious mind being the magnet for events, experiences and people that show up in life just works quietly in the background…no heavy lifting required.  Pretty easy really…all you have to do is practice.

You don’t need anyone’s approval, in fact nobody even needs to know what you’re doing, unless you choose to tell them.  They might realize something new is happening in your world, because seemingly ‘out of the ‘blue, your life has changed for the better. 

And they may want to know why and that’s a good thing, because you get a chance to share what you’re doing to be living the life you want with another beautiful soul who might not yet know.

2. Suspend disbelief


What if you knew you couldn’t fail at anything you tried?  I mean really knew.

Right now your mindset is probably filled with doubts about how anything can be different in your life.  After all it’s been that way for so long. Right?

And you’re probably skeptical that things can change.

Switch that up.  Be skeptical of those doubts that keep you in place. Doubts do the most damage to your ability to reach higher planes of living.

Right now all you need is an aiming point (maybe the dream of success you want to see) and the suspension of old beliefs that tell you you can’t make it.

By following the first point and visualizing your arrival at your aiming point you’re magnetizing the ways and means.

So suspend all those old doubts and beliefs as often as you can during the day and remind yourself everything you need is within.  It’s always been there.  You simply haven’t learned how to access it yet.

The more you can practice this, the answers to getting from here to there will come to you…and they will be much simpler and more streamlined solutions.

 3. Plug into your power source

All of this can sound unrealistic, impossible maybe if you think of it as something you have to do on your own.  But it isn’t

Your willingness to suspend disbelief and to change your rules for success are part of the process of using yourself and your inner power and world differently.

This opens the door to possibilities that already exist, that aren’t visible to you just yet. 

Your willingness enables unseen forces, that I can’t even explain but that I know are there because I’ve connected with them myself, to come to your aid.

These unseen forces operate through your subconscious mind.

Your conscious rational, thinking mind can’t connect to them. So don’t waste your time in trying harder. Or thinking up new ways to do old things.

Instead as you paint the picture in your mind that the first point mentions you might be hit with a ‘flash’ of inspiration.

This happened to me only today. 

I totally lost everything on my computer, I’d had some kind of malware problem and everything disappeared and I could no longer log on.  Nothing. Zip, zilch zero.

I tried a variety of ways to get everything back without success.  Until I said to myself…hold on a minute…have you painted the picture of what you want.  (Yep I talk to myself)

And the answer was no…I’d panicked instead.  Just a bit. 

So I sat back, got in touch with that inner power within until I ‘felt’ that all would be well, and moved on to other things.

Another ‘out of the blue’ moment happened, when I was least expecting it, and I had that ‘flash of inspiration’ on how to get everything back as it should be.

And it worked, easily, seamlessly, with no real effort on my part.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  And yes, I could have eventually taken my computer in for an expert to handle, and I would have, but there was no need to.

Don’t ask me the ‘how’ of this, I can’t answer that…I just know that this practice has worked for me many, many times over.

They say you’re only as good as the company you keep, but I started to think a long time ago that we’re only as good as the spiritual practices we keep.

So start using these practices for the small things, let yourself be okay with your involvement in things that some might say is woo-woo or wacky. 

What does it matter what others say, if you discover for yourself that these practices really do support you in living the life you want.

From simply making life easier, as it did for me today, to building the life you’ve dreamed about but haven’t yet reached.

Results will happen

Results will happen depending on how well you handle the spiritual process of life. The inner life that creates the outer.

Start to fall asleep instructing your subconscious to bring you solutions and give you ideas, you might find the answers in a dream, or on waking.

Somehow these ideas just seem to come clear out of the blue, except they don’t. 

They come because of you…because you are tapped into unseen energy that is designed to support and help you, but can’t play any part in doing so without you reaching out and tapping in.

And just in case you think trying harder will work, let me  tell you a little story about a fly.

There’s a fly desperately trying to fly through a glass window. Wings are whining as the fly tries ever harder to break through and get out into the world it sees beyond the window pane.

We know it won’t, can’t work.  No matter how much harder the fly tries, no amount of effort will help. The little creature is doomed.

And yet the window is right next to an open door – just a few feet away.  Easy flying time would get the fly there and out to it’s goal.

Why couldn’t the fly switch it’s approach to freedom? Why expect a breakthrough with continuing to try more of the same only harder?  It’s just a little fly and doesn’t know any different.

But you don’t have to stake your breakthrough on trying harder.

You my darlings have everything you need for your breakthrough to living the life you want.

You can plug into a remarkable power source, which you honestly don’t have to understand in order to use. Much like you don’t have to understand the physics of electricity when you flip a switch and turn on a light. 

Putting some simple spiritual practices into place in your life will give you the breakthrough you need to start living the life you want.  And who would say no to that, right?

So there we have it:  Why you’re not living the life you want and what you can do about it.

1. Change your rules for success because doing more of the same usually gives you more of the same.

2. Suspend disbelief. Because right now all you need is an aiming point (maybe the dream or success you want to see) and the suspension of old beliefs that tell you you can’t make it. 

3. Plug into your power source because you are tapping into unseen energy that is designed to support and help you, but can’t play any part in doing so without you reaching out and tapping in.

And the way you do that is to begin giving mental directions through words, affirmations and images to your subconscious mind, which is always connected to that power, day and night.

Final thought

Today’s the day to stop wishing and start doing.  Renew yourself. Release that attachment to the old ways of being and allow yourself to start living the life you want.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. It is the classic “do things the same way, get the same results”. We have to take stock from time to time if we truly expect things to be different. Great tips, Elle. Sometimes we are not conscious about what we are capable of, and therefore, don’t even make an effort! Happy 4th of July!

    • So true Vidya…without awareness we have no clue that we could make changes. 🙂

  2. I like the idea you propose her of “micro-moments”. That seems totally doable and is not overwhelming. Great advice!

  3. love micro moments and yes we do all have the power to make the shift and stop settling for less than we deserve xxx

    • It’s the inertia of change that holds us back and keeps us down Suzie. Doing the same thing is easier than stepping out towards something new and different.

  4. That is a powerful story, Elle! These 3 tips really go to the heart of it all, don’t they. I also love this idea: “tiny ‘micro moments’ of positive spiritual practices.” I’m all for trying those!!!!

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