You know what I think about you by now.

You are part of divine consciousness and are intended to have a life of love and happiness and success and all manner of wonderful things.

Within you is a level of awareness that rises above this physical world that occupies most of our attention.  A level of awareness that transcends the regular old consciousness that we operate in and we access it through our imagination.  Gotta love that.

This is the place where, if we persistently assume we are who we want to be and have the things we desire, those wishes are fulfilled.

Basically, we’re all creative beings, here to create a better world, not only for ourselves, but for everyone who comes across our path.

And yet the big question still remains.  Hey the world is filled with problems.  I have problems.  Can I solve them?

All depends.

Are you allowing yourself to be influenced by negative beliefs?  Let’s face it, we’re pretty much surrounded by them, if not on the telly, then in newspapers or the internet, and generally we’re being told how the whole world is about to go to hell in a handbasket.  And have you noticed, for a lot of people, talking about everything that’s wrong, or about to go wrong, seems to be the norm?

Problem is, beliefs can be catching, a bit like measles.  It’s the way our vibrational world works.

And then those rubbishy circumstances and events seem to be stronger than the power within.  Not true of course, but given that perception is worth a pound of performance, our perception becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you live with someone who’s mostly negative you can be overwhelmed by their world view.  Over-powered by the negative vibrations that emanate from them.  If you work with people who are mostly negative or they’re your friends same thing can happen.

But the power lies in your hands.  If you stick with the principles of thinking and feeling from the place that you genuinely are part of divine consciousness and your desires are absolutely fulfilled, that your best and last romance is here, that your ideal life is here, then your desires will be made manifest; your abundance will appear.

Don’t fall into the negative states of others.  Don’t follow them, they probably don’t even know where they’re going.  If consciousness is focused on all the reasons why we can’t have something, we get to see in every fact and every experience that we’re absolutely right.  It’s all too easy to follow someone else down the rabbit hole of negativity.

Challenge is it all appears to be so darned real.  And then, woops the evidence of what we fear the most appears, like magic but it’s  actually merely the law of life working.  Remember, believe it and you’ll see it.

That’s just how it works.

Stay strong and keep your attention on your desire being fulfilled and you may very well find everyone joining your higher vibrational state.  You could be the means for their growth and development.

Will you hear that little voice that tells you this is all a load of old rubbish?  Maybe.  More like probably.  Just ignore it.  Don’t believe it.  I have no clue if it’s our ego or something in our psyche that can’t accept we’re thinking in a different way, but whatever the reason, that little voice isn’t helpful, give it the boot.

And please don’t get caught up in the idea that great big whopping desires that need a huge shift in consciousness are any more difficult than the smaller, more every day kind of desires.  Truth be told, if you’re acknowledging your successes as you go, then big or small, the law loves them all.  And oftentimes greater and grander desires carry a lot more vibrational ‘juice’.

As the Course In Miracles mentions ‘there is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not harder or bigger than another. They are all the same.’

We know this, but it bears saying again, we’re spiritual beings living in a physical, material world. We’re living in a vibrational world, where everything vibrates with energy, from the food we eat to the thoughts we think.  It all affects us.  And it’s the cause of most of our problems.

To support us in moving away from that negative energy, and keep us in, a higher vibrational frequency, which as we know draws high vibrational experiences and people and things, we need to begin to build a strong and firm foundation.  A foundation of high vibration.

And the foundation begins with the little things.

Pay attention to how you feel when you eat.  Does your body feel lighter after your meal, or your snack.  Play around a little and see what happens.  Our food is energy vibrating.

Keep moving.  Our bodies love the energy of movement.  Dance.  Walk.  Swim, work out.  Whatever brings that higher vibration of energy to you.  Think about the vibration of slouching around and compare it to the energy of happy movement.

Choose to listen to music that is elevating, that feels really, really good.  Doesn’t matter what it is and it certainly doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t like your musical tastes. This is about your higher vibrational foundation.

My Darling One feels great listening to The Grateful Dead.  Me, not so much ~ who cares.  I want him to live in whatever energy feels wonderful to him and he chooses the same for me.

So now I ask you to believe you have the ability and the awareness to take control of your life, to decide that you can be what you want to be, that you’re so much more than a a tiny droplet in the sea of life.  That you’re on your way to living a life with fewer problems and greater joy.

Oh, and one more thing…don’t take it too seriously…after all it is a wonderful life, don’t forget to have fun.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. mopeychild

    love your articles !
    i came here via melodys deliberate blog (which i also love).
    im glad i stumbled upon yours 🙂

    • Elle

      I’m happy you’re enjoying them. 🙂

  2. Bravo! Wonderful post. I tell me teens often to be positive. To believe you can do this! because believing otherwise, you doom yourself from the start. I was like that in my early 20s and i was encouraged to think positively on a situation that felt hopeless and saw by doing so, by believing i could make it through, i did, even when many convinced me i wouldn’t, i did. since then, i’ve blocked those negative thoughts out. i have not achieved everything i’ve set out to do…yet, but i believe i will, because with every moment that passes, i get closer to those things i want and have achieved many of the things i’ve set out to do.
    I’ve gotta say I love your blog Elle. Very very motivating and truthful.

    • Elle

      Thanks Vanita, I always enjoy your input…it’s filled with encouragement…which is what this site is all about after all. 🙂 How cool that in your twenties you had someone to encourage you to see the best in life, I wish that for every twenty year old. And thanks kiddo for your kind words…you’re the best. 🙂

  3. Hi Elle,

    So encouraging! Love this line – “Stay strong and keep your attention on your desire being fulfilled and you may very well find everyone joining your higher vibrational state.” Great reminder that we all have the capacity to raise the bar for ourselves and those around us.

    • Elle

      Glad you found it encouraging Cathy and we always appreciate your perspective as one who encourages and uplifts those who experience addictions. 🙂

  4. Love your positive post Elle. I really like how you ended it – have fun. It’s so good to remember not to take everything so seriously!

    • Elle

      Isn’t it funny Carolyn, how we can get so caught up in the ‘doing’ that we forget just to be happy and have fun at the same time. That definitely includes me! 🙂

  5. Hi Elle, I’m curious, what would you think of a person who live with but who always brings us down energetically with negativity of their own unique brand, yet also is a valuable mirror and from whom we are learning? I’ve learned to keep my own energy to myself and keep it intact (most of the time) but I do wonder about those lost or missing lessons if we parted ways.

    • Elle

      How nice to see you Julie and love the question. And I would ask you, what are you imagining? What are your beliefs about relationships? Because, as we know, everything in our life can only come to us through our very own consciousness. I’ve had one or two tricky ones in my time Julie and I learned that there’s never anyone to change but me. And by that I mean changing the way we think about relationships, about the people in our life. If you keep your attention on having others around you who lift you up and support you and you feel great to be around a couple of things could occur. Your current relationship becomes a Wow with a capital W or you part ways because you simply vibrate out of the orbit.

      What is definite is that you dear one, would be in a great place for having the time of your life. Not so bad. 🙂

  6. Beautiful post, Elle, and one that has the essence of what I love to preach. I grew up with my Mom’s belief of “if there’s a problem, there’s a solution” and later, as I became older, “if I can identify the problem, I can find the solution”. That’s the truth. As long as we don’t let overwhelm overtake us, it is all good. And the power of positive thinking can never be underestimated.

    Living with someone who revels in negativity is a huge drain on the energy – it is like being shackled by invisible thorny ropes. I have occasionally met people like that and wished they would see at least a faint silver lining, but no. They revel in being negative. I would often think that one of my aunts was happiest when she was unhappy!

    Oh yes, I listen to Metallica sometimes and my husband most certainly would not. That’s okay with both of us 😀

    Hugs – You know I simply love the flow of what you write – straight from your heart to mine. Love you, Elle!

    • Elle

      Hi Vidya, always love your comments, being shackled by invisible thorny ropes is a great visual for me. Wish I’d said it! Your Mum sounds like such a wise women and I think we were both blessed by the wise ones in our life. And now, I’m beginning to think we must be from the same soul tribe. And as for you listening to Metallica…well you always manage to surprise me. Good for you. 🙂

  7. Great post Elle! I loved how you talked about the impact of how we perceive the world around us. Often our perceptions determine how we respond to the circumstances we are in. I think it is a continual effort to shape our perceptions of life so we can find happiness in whatever circumstances or whatever problems we encounter.

    • Elle

      Welcome back Ben. I love your line about the continual effort to shape our perceptions of life in order to find happiness in it all. Great stuff. 🙂

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