I think we’ve all experienced money worries in our life. And for some of us the stress and anxiety around money can make us ill.

I’ve heard a lot of stuff on money – how to budget, how to save, how to access more credit – not much good to those who are already struggling.

What I don’t see too often are some simple, yet profound ideas on getting ourselves to the place where we can live our life on a comfortable financial footing.

A place where money worries aren’t constantly beating a path to our door.

My parents always ‘got by’ financially and we never went hungry or without food on the table or a comfortable bed to sleep in. But they were never well off, heck they were never even what could be called ‘comfortably off.’

And I grew up with the notion that money was hard to come by and most definitely didn’t grow on trees, or that my parents weren’t ‘made of money.’

My relationship with money as a young adult wasn’t any better and I vacillated between being a spender and being broke or being a hoarder and living miserably.

And it was a slow, sometimes painful path to liberating myself from my old money relationship. Often including really hard and scary lessons.

In the hope that your money worries can be lessened by my experiences I thought I’d share a few insights that I learned the hard way about money.

Things that I could never have learned from my family, or friends, or teachers. Not because they wouldn’t have shared them with me, but because they didn’t know themselves.

Reinvent yourself to start beating your money worries

This might not sound like a great secret for beating money worries, but most of our behaviour is mechanical, and the way we currently feel about and manage money will continue unless and until we deliberately change it.

And since our behaviour is a result of the way we view ourselves, that needs to be our starting point.

Begin with building a brand new image of yourself.

One that’s the complete opposite to the one you currently hold. An image where you see yourself as being the one who has plenty.

Visualize yourself enjoying all the good things life has on offer, good health, happiness and of course money.

This might seem difficult to do, especially when your back is up agains the wall financially and all you want to do is find a quick fix.

There’s nothing wrong with quick fixes and yes we all have to manage the situations we find ourselves in, but we’re looking for more than just fixing the problem now, we’re looking for fixing it so our financial future looks more like a bed of roses than an forest of thorns.

And right now you are likely stuck operating from the inner pattern of thoughts and a concept of yourself that have been driving you towards a financial future that is just like your financial present. Full of money worries!

But don’t you deserve to reap a better harvest? Of course you do.

Universal Supply is ready to deliver abundance to you, but you must play your part by replacing old beliefs about lack and deprivation. This is where the right mental image of yourself comes into play, planting seeds of plenty and allowing abundance to flow.

Understand that rich is not a four letter word

Maybe you’re a little confused right now. Of course the word rich has four letters. But it isn’t a profanity, or offensive.

We can be rich in life as in living a rich fulfilling life, or in love, or health, and we can be rich in money. Funny how nobody quibbles about riches in health or love, but money…well that can be a different story.

And it’s a different story often simply from the beliefs we hold.

You’ll be on the right path if you can remember that to experience more wealth, health and peace is to grow. And money as much as anything is a tool designed to be used physically for greater well-being, greater growth, happiness and peace of mind.

It took me a long time to be able to see that, because those thoughts and ideas weren’t part of my conscious awareness of life and I was full of limiting and often contradictory beliefs about money and those who had plenty.

But sometimes we have to be wrong before we can be right.

So if this is you…it’s okay. Our bad habits of thought are totally dependent on us to keep them in place. And we can stop them from stifling our financial future once we become aware that they are there.

Non supportive limiting beliefs about money and happiness

“If I have more money then someone else will have less or go without…

To be rich, or even to just be comfortable financially means I’ll likely neglect other aspects of life, or become greedy, or lose my friends…

Financial prosperity probably means I’ve got to work all hours God sends…

Money can’t buy happiness.”

What a load of meaningless rubbish that last one is, yet we hear it a lot.

So money doesn’t buy happiness, but then again neither does living in poverty or struggling and feeling anxious around your finances.

Happiness isn’t something we buy or get or carry in our pocket. Happiness is an inside job that is created by us, regardless of our circumstances.

And personally speaking feeling happy and having money to boot is a far more relaxing state to dwell in.

So stop allowing non supportive beliefs around money prevent you from living the rich, fulfilling life you deserve as much as anyone else. Today is yours to take and shape into the new money reality you’d like to experience.

Take a leap, change your brain and reboot your money mindset

Neuroscientists today tell us that the circuits in our brain can rearrange themselves to represent new thinking, emotion and intention.

And I’ve personally learned from my own practices that choosing a new way to view money and having a new outlook is far more than a mental preference.

You are literally changing your brain.

And it not only works for money, but for whatever else you’d like to take a leap towards. Love, health, growth. Everything.

But it takes a willingness to switch mindsets, to be open to new ways of looking at money.

And with the help of the science of quantum physics and epigenetics we have a greater understanding of how the subjective mind influences the objective reality.

Does this mean you can literally activate your brain for wealth? Heck, yes. Does it have to be hard? Heck no.

Science and spirituality are great partners in our success in life.

As I say in my book Reboot Your Money Mindset:

“There is a tendency for pessimism to infiltrate our financial plans. Yet, you don’t have to work hard to seek money. Spirit has an effortless way.”

Our predominant thoughts find form in our physical world. It’s just the way the universe operates.

And it’s really useful when you acknowledge and use this information and really rotten when you don’t or believe you can’t.

So how does this ‘right thinking’ stuff tie in with you and money?

It’s all about shifting your attitude.

Right thinking is based on the principle and belief that all creative power is contained within you; so why look outside yourself for the path to financial expansion in your life?

We tend to wander down the same avenue of thoughts about all things in life. And this provides you with a fresh starting point where you can move down any avenue of thought you choose.

Ask yourself, “What is my current avenue of thought about money.?”

Is it that you need money, because you have bills to pay food to put on the table and maybe a roof to put over your head?

That is ‘need thinking.’ That is not the kind of thinking that will create a dramatic shift between you and your relationship with money. That is not the thinking that will beat back your money worries.

In fact it’s that form of thinking that gives money power over your life. When truth be told, you have the power over money.

Money is simply energy, like everything else in this wonderful Universe of ours and those need thoughts around money that you have probably held for years, simply repel the energy of money. Energy can’t flow where it isn’t received.

Universal supply is infinite and the power of universal supply lies within, waiting for you to summon it.

But we can’t continually think thoughts of poverty or lack or illness or lovelessness and experience wealth health or love.

And yes, of course we have to manage our bills and pay our way, but we don’t have to do it with thoughts of lack and limitation.That simply creates the energy of wanting. “I have enough” is a stronger energy than “I want more.”

Final thoughts

So the key for me was to figure out if I was ready to change my relationship with money, learn how I could build and maintain a new better money mindset that was in keeping with my values and then just practice.

As Henry Ford famously said: “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

If you truly are ready to change your financial future and experience a greater flow of abundance in the form of money I know if I’ve done this you can do this too.

Always remember.

Because this one life you have is precious.

You deserve to make the things you’re here to make and be who you’re meant to be.

You are here to do something epic and one of your greatest achievements is changing the way you think!

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Dear Elle,

    Very thought provoking. I believe having a limited mindset can indeed keep us from having the money that would allow us to live comfortably in this world. It’s so important to examine our beliefs about money, and whether they are limiting our lives. But I will never believe that it’s okay to be “rich” when others live in poverty. That is an imbalance in our system and injustice in our world. There is enough for everyone in this world, but no one needs to have gold toilets!

    • Hi Sandra, I hear what you say. Our beliefs and perspectives around money are so interesting and often so different from our beliefs around health, or relationships. Yet we rarely deny that it’s ok to have good health or to be in a loving relationship because others don’t have these things, which, like everything in this universe are only energy. As is money, which in and of itself has no power other than the power we give to it. Money is simply a vehicle or a tool for exchange.

      I found for myself that as I began to relate to money differently, where it wasn’t about the exchange of it for things, and never about having more of a piece pie that was limited, but a universal resource for good. Where it could be directed towards others, where perhaps it could build a better life

      I discovered that I was inspired by those individuals who use money as a vehicle for social change, who make a difference. I’m not yet what anyone would consider ‘rich’ but I can still imagine and see how many people would benefit from my financial success. I like to think of being rich as being less about having a gold toilet and more about the good I could do.

      And I know that you, with your spirit of love and goodness would be doing the same if financial wealth were yours.

  2. Scottie Bleuski

    Hey Elle-
    I had never really thought about my money thoughts. I mean, I had never really questioned what I had absorbed early on. Those little snatches of adult conversation that kids soak up as the absolute truth on any subject before those kids become all knowing teenagers. I actually remember hearing my dad talking with his brothers and saying that the lottery was his retirement plan. I filed that one away with other equally brilliant doozies. Your article (plus I downloaded your book!) brings the Light to my being able to 1) realize I have established money beliefs 2) that is is perfectly acceptable to change those beliefs out for one s that serve me better.
    Ones That Serve Me Better !
    Thank you for sharing this Awareness and possibility !

    • Hi Scottie – I’m glad you have a new awareness around money that will serve you better and thank you for downloading the book. I hope it brings rich rewards in all areas of your life, since the principles can apply to everything, not just money.

  3. I agree that changing your mindset can change your life. I have much less material things than I have had in my past, but it is more than enough to meet my needs, and I feel like I have an abundant life. Just by changing my beliefs. I used to focus on what I didn’t have – even though I had a lot! No more.

    • I think it’s such a huge step to focus on what we have, what is good in our life Debbie and living in the energy of abundance makes more abundance fly to your side. Brilliant you!

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