Manifesting money at this time or any other time is no different. 

The same universal principles apply.  The same spiritual understanding and processes are required.  However, this time in history, many of us are steeped in stress, anxiety as well as uncertainty. 

While many are out of work, unsure of what is going to happen next, I am going to show you how to use this time to take your manifesting to a whole level of power. 

With so much negative news, every day, we are all having a spiritual battle.  We are all experiencing some form of spiritual warfare, greater than many of us could ever imagine.  Everything in the world around speaks of death, rather than life. 

While it may seem overwhelming at this time, let’s remember that death and birth are two sides of the very same coin. 

If there is a darkness growing in the world, rest assured that there is an equal growing light. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, scared and drained, lean on me a bit.  Take my hand, as I lead you to salvation, even if just for a bit.  Let me ease your pain and give you a bit of power and strength for the journey ahead.

Oprah master class on Manifesting.

Why Disconnect For a Time Completely?

I like to compare manifesting money or anything else for that matter to planting or farming, because there is a great similarity between the two processes. 

The very first stage of planting seeds, requires that each seed be placed inside of a small individual container. 

The seeds are placed inside of their very own individual container in order for the gemination process to happen.  If placed in the ground right away, they are subjected to being eaten by the birds, worms or over saturation of water. 

In their own container, they have the opportunity to be fed with the right fertilizers in order for them the grow into a sprout, before being placed into the ground.

This is the stage where the farmer is very protective and nurturing of the seed, so that nothing can impact their growth.  When it comes to manifesting money or anything, you must apply the same principles. 


What that means is that for a time, you need to go into your own cave. 

Within that cave you are not to be disturbed by outside influences.  No interference from the news, social media, other people who are struggling to make it and so forth.

When you create your cave, it is a time to fortify yourself.  It is the time to plant your seeds, in the dark, in the silence, without outside interference that could potentially destroy it. 

Whether that be for a full week, a full month, ten days, that disconnected time is a necessary part of the manifesting process especially when trying to manifest money.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus

Go Against the Grain to Manifest Money

Whatever is happening in the world, does not have to be your truth.  It can be very hard for many of us to believe that we can create a reality that is supernatural, super powerful or just different from what is being told in the media. 

We take the limitations of the world into our creative processes. 

When the true secret or power to manifest money or anything else, is that manifesting connects us to our divine creative power.  Manifesting takes us into the realm of miracles. 

What is going on in the world is a collective, agreed upon consciousness.  It does not have to be your truth.  You can create what is not the norm, what is not “possible” for everyone else. 

Prayer For Power Not For Begging

When we are fearful and in a financial bind it leads us to a place of terror and vulnerability.  In that state of mind, we are weak, powerless and what happens next is that we seek out prayer and meditation but from a place of begging.

Begging and pleading in desperation is not power.  Begging and pleading is a state of being out of alignment with our desires.  The more we pray and beg for a high power to assist us the more we struggle. 

When you choose that time to disconnect from the world, this is a time to pray from an affirmative place of power.  This is a time to build your divine truth. 

Here is an example of how to pray and charge yourself with power first before seeking to manifest anything at all.

  • I trust in my connection to create
  • It is my divine right to manifest money and abundance.
  • I am a source of power.
  • The universe is always working for me, no matter what is going on around me.
  • With every breath I take, I tap into a realm of divine power.
  • It is my birthright to break through and to find higher.
  • Everything works for me, as long as I keep my thoughts aligned with power and a higher truth.

As you use these or any other power statements, let this be a time for you to build power and faith. 

Use your creative mental power to visualize yourself being charged up like a battery.  Every power thought increases the current in the battery. 

The battery becomes charged, full of energy, full of light with each power statement. 

“The music of hope is everywhere, but to hear it, you need to ignore the muddy jangle of life’s hassles.” ~ Christine M. Knight, Life Song

The Money Getting Paradigm

Empowering your thoughts and mind is like placing fertilizer into the soil.  If the soil is not treated, the plants won’t grow.  When you try to manifest money and nothing is happening, it is because you are trying to plant in untreated soil. 

After and only after you have fertilized the soil of your mind, spirit and consciousness, you are then ready to align yourself with receiving the gift of abundant fruit. 

Only then do you switch your manifesting focus to affirming a more magnetic nature towards manifesting money. 

The following are a list of mantras to magnetize your money getting agender:

  • I am magnetically drawn to more money.
  • The universe aligns me to the right place and the right people who assist me in manifesting more money.
  • I trust in the realm of miracles and magic.
  • Money making ideas are all around me.
  • Everything manifests for me quickly and easily.
  • I am a magnet for more money.
  • I manifest money with ease.

Only after a seed has been germinated into a sprout, can it then place it in the soil.  It is then that the sprout must fend for itself by relying on the sun and the rain for growth. 

This is the period where you actively seek out ideas, people, inspiration and the ways in order to manifest more money. 

Only then do you follow the synchronicities that will lead you to exactly the right situation, the right people, the right opportunity where manifesting money works like pure magic. 

Let hope and faith be the sun and the rain, needed to manifest money and all that you seek.

My wish is that these 3 keys to take your manifesting powers to the next level and bring you more abundance in every area of your life.


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Daniel Hinds is the author of Open Your Spiritual Eye to Experience Superhuman Visualization Abilities. He also maintains the blog, where he writes on Mind Power and Reality Creation topics. He is also a teacher and coach on mind and reality creation for the past 14 years.


  1. I like your analogy of comparing manifestation to planting seeds, and the suggestion to stay away from negative influences for awhile. Interesting ideas! Thanks!

  2. I like the analogy to planting seeds, nurturing growth, and realizing a harvest. That takes time, which is a luxury people in deaperate financial situations do not have. I do agree in this kind of chalenge there is benefit to calming yourself and moving forward with positive energy rather than out of fear. That hardly ever turns out well.

    • Sadly Debbie, investing some time in the planting and nurturing is what it takes to change a life. So perhaps looking at it more like an investment than a luxury could help generate new brain neurons.

    • I thought so too Zeenat. Daniel did a sterling job and we’re happy to share his energy. 🙂

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