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[success]Every day, people settle for less than they deserve.  They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness. ~ Bo Bennett[/success]

Once a month I turn my site over to a guest Encourager and today David Stevens, Life Coach, has the floor with an insightful reminder to express yourself fully and move beyond the life you’ve settled for.

I re-discovered “live” music the other night. The Brisbane Entertainment Centre was electrified at a concert I attended with my wife. Australian legend John Farnham and American legend Lionel Richie performed above expectation[and my expectation was high] and really lit up the place.

It’s been a few years since I last attended a live gig. I’d forgotten how the energy feels and how much positive energy it gives me. And it also gave me further thought on how music can have such a major impact in our lives, especially it’s ‘therapeutic’ benefits.

Musically, I couldn’t hold a note in my wallet as my Dad used to say. But today, I’m talking a different kind of “music”.

There’s a great quote that I came across a while ago which is pretty apt for this post.

“Don’t die with the music still in You.”

You have  “music” pumping through your veins. It’s your self expression, your creativity, your work, your play, your Art, your ideas, your inspiration, your dreams, your thoughts and your imagination [and probably some more ….. I’d love to hear what…you can add to this list to make even greater music]

Too often I see and meet with people who have had their lives subdued. They have not had or indeed exercised, the opportunity to express themselves fully. [I hope this isn’t you]

The people to whom I am referring have floated through life doing stuff that simply doesn’t light them up. They have done stuff to please others … but not themselves. They have always done what they are told to do or feel that they have had to [boring].

Their daily work lacks the vital inspiration needed to fuel life, yet they continue on with it, inspirationless.

I give those people full marks for persistence though.

Can you imagine working a majority of your life doing a job that has little or no inspiration for you? And/or spending your ‘other time’ doing things to please others?

Their music has died or at the very best, their musical notes are flat.

And the lack of inspiration flows through from their work into their play. This post is certainly not about job advice. It’s just that your job will play such a huge role in your life simply because of the time that you spend in it. If you don’t like your job, more than likely your “play” will be affected as well.

Have you left your gifts of creativity lying dormant on the shelf? If so, this is a pity, a great pity. When you are inspired each day and get to open these gifts, it’s like Christmas every day.

Maybe it’s time to start conducting the orchestra of your life rather than just playing the fiddle?

Work is work.

You and I do need work to pay bills and give us a sense of achievement and fulfilment. And I do know that your working life takes up a great part of your life. Rewarding work often leads to new social circles, life long friendships, support and personal growth. This is the stuff that you and I feed on.

However, when the “work” turns into a day in day out drudgery, alarm bells should ring. Your music is starting to die. This is what I know.

So, what to do about this? How do we get your Orchestra playing Big, Bold tunes?

Create inspiration for every day. Even if, your day isn’t working out how you really like, try giving it a jab of enthusiasm.

Look at life from a fresh angle.

What can you do to make your work more exciting or at least improve it somewhat?

You may be stuck in “routine”. Mix it up, perhaps change your pre-work schedule.

Listen to your favourite music before starting work.

Get yourself on a legal high so that work hassles “no longer matter”.

Plan after work enjoyment time so that there is something to look forward to when the work is done.

Be passionate with your play time.

Now we’re talking. Nothing better than taking the edge of a day full of grind [ if indeed that’s how your day is playing out]. Even when your day is full of bliss, play time full of passion is still needed … and deserved.

The “what if” scenario

Fellow dreamers. What if your life was exactly as you want it? What would you be doing now? Oh yes, you can imagine it, can’t you?!

“What if” is real, it’s just not here at the moment. If you can imagine it then it can happen. Play the “what if” scenario regularly. Bit by bit the music will start to play. It will get louder, the notes will be more crisp, the chorus more rousing.

Sooner, rather than later you will be conducting your very own orchestra of  life.

Be good to yourselves


[success]David picDavid Stevens is a 59 year old Mid lifer who finds inspiration from seemingly every day occurrences.  David works with and partners motivated men and women aged 40+ and inspires them to take the extra steps need to achieve what they really want out of life.

You can find David at various points on the internet. However his website at wwww.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au is a great place to start.[/success]




  1. I would like to add… music produced by a quiet mind can invite the feelings of calmness & peacefulness during the various activities we perform during the day.

    • Hi Neil, I absolutely understand what you say here. We have music playing in our house most of the day…it creates a relaxed atmosphere which permeates the whole place. Whatever type of music feeds our soul works for me. 🙂

    • Hi Neil,
      It can indeed. Use YOUR music to it’s best effect … that’s what it’s all about. Thank You for contributing.
      Be good to yourself

  2. Good piece, David. Life’s too short to do anything other than what lights us up. We only live once, so let’s do it. 🙂

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for stopping by. David is a real inspiration to us all. 🙂

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thank You for being here. I’m with You, life gets away very quickly. Enjoy what IS important … and do it.

      Be good to yourself

  3. I totally agree with David. Working is required to pay the bills but you can find ways to earn that you are passionate about. It’s so worth looking for that special ‘something’ while you are still in your day job. How you spend your free time has so many possibilities as well. Keep reaching out until you find that passion.You may find your life transformed into your dream 😉

    • I like that thought Melissa…keep reaching out till you find that passion. Yes, yes, yes. 🙂

      • Thanks Melissa,
        You are a special person, appreciate your kind words. Reach out … then grab hold of it. Rev up the music and play it …
        Be good to yourself

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