No matter what your idea of success looks like as an end result story, it is not as important as creating the magnetic aura of success itself. 

What do I mean by the this? 

Success looks different for each individual.  Everyone’s concept of success will require different levels of accomplishment, different levels of financial achievement. 

One of the greatest challenges you will meet is, the feeling and energy of being a person who knows that everything can go no other way but in your favor.  Very few people have this absolute confidence in their ability to achieve their desired result.

You may be confident that you can do the work necessary to achieve your goal, all the while holding some bit of doubt as to whether you will achieve it or not.

What is the Magnetic Aura Of Success?

We all live in our own magnetic field of energy which we call the aura. 

This magnetic aura can be compared to that invisible force field found around a magnet.  Although you cannot see this invisible magnetic force field, it has a very strong, very, sticky, sucking, pulling effect on other objects. 

It is in this same way, you possess this sticky, pulling magnetic quality with certain, people, places as well as experiences. 

Luckily your magnetic nature does not stop with physical or tangible things.  Your magnetic power can be a quality, such as in the case of being and having more successful outcomes in all that you do.

When you create a magnetic aura of success it’s a bit like priming your canvas first so that every other color of paint you add to that canvas shows up as you want it too. 

What that means is that everything you do, ends in a fulfilling outcome, one which mirrors what you want and does so with a supernatural ease. 

Success becomes your way of being when you are encased within an aura that is programmed for success.

You may call it good luck, you may say that you are blessed, you can call it good karma, whatever you call it, it’s a state of winning again and again in life.

When you create an aura of success, everything you work towards becomes a winning outcome.  Everything and everyone says, yes to you. 

Miraculous outcomes will happen for you and only you, while all others may meet with obstacles.  You will experience such amazing synchronicities, good luck and good fortune.

On the other hand, those who live in a magnetic aura of failure, struggle and doubt find themselves meeting all sorts of obstacles even when everything they are working on seems to be perfect. 

Most of us live in an aura of anticipated failure.  This anticipated failure is much louder than the aura of success.  It is the difference in planting good seeds in bad soil versus planting good seen in good soil. 

As a farmer, I can tell you, that caring for the soil is as important as tending to the seed.  A lot of people don’t know this!

See your magnetic aura as the soil and every action or wish, see it as seed.  Good seed planted in good fertilized soil is destined to bear fruit.


7 Steps to a New More Powerful Magnetic Aura Designed For Outrageous Success

Are you ready to make a deep change?  One where you let go of being a victim and activate that aspect of yourself which allows everything to work with greater ease in your life?

1.    Examining your own thoughts which are against the success of that thing you want.

Most often we don’t realize how we are harboring thoughts, ideas as well as expectations for failure.  All the while we may be working tirelessly to achieve success in life. 

This is a great contradiction. 

We then blame others; we blame circumstances yet our greatest set back is our own self talk of failure and why we should expect more failure. 

As the great spiritual laws have always instructed us, “Know Thy Self.”  This cannot be taken lightly. 

To know yourself you have to observe yourself, question yourself and finally document yourself.  Seeing your written words about your ideas of what success meaning to you and what you think and believe about success will bring some insight to you.

2.   Separating the things and people into two boxes.  Those people and things which are for your success and those that lead you away from your success.

Whether you know it or not you are impacted by the people you spend most of your time with.  Your mind begins to accept a person over time. 

Although you may say you don’t like a person, your unconscious mind is observing them, receiving them and mimicking them. 

How many occasions have you spent time with a person only to realize that you have either adopted a speech pattern from that person or a hand movement or some other odd thing that you picked up without realizing it?

When you make the conscious effort to draw a line between those who are living success and those who are pushing it away you can better place yourself in the company of those who will assist you in developing the magnetic nature for success. 

Cut the cords which do not mirror the success you want to live.  This life is short, and time moves quickly.  You owe no one any apologies for taking care of your own soul’s journey.

3.   Adding things to your environment which mirror what you want to magnetize to your life.

There is energy in every single person, every single item as well as every event, every moment.  This energy either inspires you to live to your fullness or fills you with doubt and failure. 

When I was much younger at the age of 19 I began to sketch my thoughts and feelings out every day.  It was my way of tapping into my mind and giving space to what was inside of me. 

So one day I went out a bought myself a leather journal which at the time was almost $200.00 US dollars, I paired that with a fountain pen which was $300.00US dollars. 

To an outsider this was senselessly extravagant, but to me it was a symbol of the value I gave to my thoughts and feelings.  Every time I picked up that journal which was daily, I felt successful, I felt accomplished and I felt deserving. 

You may not be in that stage of being where you want to spend that amount of money, but there are some key things in your life which will make you feel wealthy. 

Recognize that those things will bring you more success, because of the energy they hold and the energy they bring to you every time you use them. 

When you place in your environment things which remind you of success you are in turn transferring the energy of those quality things into your magnetic field, which will bring you more success over time. 

How does your home environment make you feel?  What about your work space?  Do any of those places make you feel successful? 

If not, what can you do to make them feel more successful?  What items can you place around you which make you feel successful?

4.   Meditating on a successful outcome.

You cannot make a substantial shift in life from lack of success, to successful, without integrating successful ideas into your mind. 

By meditating on success, you involve your unconscious mind.  By engaging your unconscious mind, you go to the heart of where your resistance against success is buried. 


Meditation helps you connect with that place of resistance, and in doing so you can break up at the root level any resistance you may have to success. 

Besides you cannot shift your magnetic field from failure to success without going into the engine room and setting the dials at the core so to speak. 

Meditation is like medication for the mind.  It’s the fixer upper for a dysfunctional mind of failure.

5.   Search for proof, stories of people who prove that success is achievable in the area you want.

As human beings we most often need to “see” in order to believe.  There is no greater way of building the template for success by seeing this success unfold in the life of others whom we may know or even those we don’t know. 

When you make an effort of deliberately making note of the lives of those who went from no success to tremendous success you remove a bit of the blockage against success. 

Seeing other people succeed helps us to build faith, courage, confidence and as well anticipation for our own success.  If we lack faith in our own, we gain courage in see others do it. 

Take some time to do a bit of research on the lives of others who went from ground level to top level.  Let their life’s not only build faith but alter our own magnetic frequency.

6.   Creating a new mental script.

We all talk to ourselves.  We all have an internal script about our expectations of life.  Often, we are unaware of this script playing out in the back of our minds. 

However, whether you are aware of the script you are playing out or not, you can begin to create a new script to create an aura of success. 

When you know what success should look like to you, its imperative that you create a new script for success. 

Think of that script as your foundation for winning.  Create dynamic statements, such as:

·  I feel successful

·  Success is my birthright

·  Everything I desire comes to me easily and effortlessly

·  My life is blessed

·  I am extremely confident that everything is working for me

The more empowered statements you add to to your script, the better, stronger your ability to alter your magnetic aura for success. 

The mind needs convincing and because every state you are in is backed by thoughts of thoughts which support it, you need tons of new thoughts which convince the mind of this new magnetic aura of success.

7.   Creating a slide show with uplifting sound, images and words.

Slide shows are a lot like adding all the previous elements in a very controlled way. 

By choosing images which inspire you to feel successful, backed by your success creating script, along with music which put you in a winning emotional state; you have a magic bullet for entering into your unconscious mind easily. 

You may not always be able to go out and place yourself among those who can make you feel successful.  However, a good image of being surrounded by successful friends and supportive people, can give you that same feeling. 

You may find repeating affirmations or mantras as boring but backed by music and compelling images you are sure to excited as well as the feeling of greater possibility.

So, get started right way.  Get as many images which support you feeling hyped, excited, motivated and ready to receive more in your life. 

Back it up with music that makes you feel super good.  Write affirmation on each photo, then place them in a slide show maker. 

These days you don’t need special software to create this, you can easily find a free slide show maker app.  Listen and watch this slide show every day, several times a day and watch the shift happen for you.

Remember, no matter what your image of success looks like, it is not as important as creating the magnetic aura of success itself.

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Daniel Hinds is the author of Open Your Spiritual Eye to Experience Superhuman Visualization Abilities. He also maintains the blog, where he writes on Mind Power and Reality Creation topics. He is also a teacher and coach on mind and reality creation for the past 14 years.


  1. I can definitely feel the aura of someone who feels confident and successful. I think most of us can if we decide to pay attention. I find these 7 steps fascinating and useful. Thank you. My vision of success would not involve an expensive notebook and pen, as you say, everyone’s idea of success is different, but I like the idea of placing things that represent success to me in my environment!

    • I liked that idea of Daniel’s too Sandra. Which leaves a whole world of possibilities for us in terms of what represents success to us right now. Because as sure as ‘eggs is eggs’ as we grow so do our definitions of the representations of our life.

  2. I’m not sure I’m convinced you can create “a magnetic aura”, but I do know without a doubt that our thoughts are energy which can affect our bodies and other rhings. Visualizing or “meditating on success” as you call it, causes real changes in your brain and body – which can help you tremendously. I often use visualization. There is also much value in creating a “mental script” or self-talk which encurages and supports you in a way that makes success possible.

    • I couldn’t argue for or against the idea of a magnetic aura Debbie. I do believe Daniel is talking about the vibrational energy we’re enveloped in, which I absolutely do accept and believe. Science is definitely catching up with spirituality – just using different language. And no matter which language we can relate best to, putting it into operation is the most important task of our life. 🙂

  3. I often wonder where the saying “seeing is believing” came from when the exact opposite is the case. We can’t see things unless we believe that they can exist. I’ve had plenty of experiences where people literally say that they didn’t see something that everyone around them did simply because they couldn’t believe that it could be true. The steps in the article are all powerful ways to change our beliefs about ourselves so that we can actually achieve what we want. If we can’t believe it, we can’t achieve it.

    • Love the way you put that Paige. If we can’t believe it we can’t see it. It all boils down to the same old story, we don’t get what we want, we get what we are and we are what we believe ourselves to be and what we believe we can experience in life. 🙂

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