“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” 

So said Calvin Coolidge.  And it made me think about Christmas gifts.  I know, I know, it’s a bit late in the day and all that, but truth be told there’s plenty of time for gift giving.  Here’s an idea or two, if you’re a little stuck, or a little overwhelmed, or even if you’re feeling a little sad.



For children, the gift of praise.

For a parent, or relative, the gift of your time.

For a friend or even a stranger, an act of kindness.

For a community, lend a hand.

For our world, a prayer for peace.

For yourself, the gift of love.

Christmas is love in action, the time when people show their true selves, their loving and genuine selves, the best of who they are.  And I love it.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts and open it, just a little, at the beginning of every month?

Joyous wishes to you all and thank you for visiting this year, and occasionally staying to read some of the reflections of a life.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


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Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.

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