Kindness And Christian Louboutin Shoes.

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Life is full of abundant kindnesses, today occurring in the shape of Donna from the shoe department of a local store.  Donna was helping me.  She was just great.  I wanted this shoe…no let’s try that boot…actually do you have this in black?  No, let’s try that one…woops too high…that one too shiny…ooh how about the beige wedge…not quite me, is it?  She was patient and kind.  Kinder than I deserved since I ended up buying…nothing.  Not even these, which whilst giving you terrible cramps would also make your legs look loooong and your bum look great.  And who could say no to that?  Apparently me.

Christian Louboutin shoe!

Back to Donna and I, who spent a lot of time doing the ‘can we find a perfect shoe dance’.   I had laid my previous purchases on the floor next to my old shoes, which desperately needed to be replaced with something…and believe me I was trying.  Yes Donna, I’m sure I was very trying, whilst you on the other hand were so very kind.

You know what’s coming next don’t you?  I drifted out of the store, definitely a little miffed that the shoe angels had not smiled on me, not even a grin from them, and not for the first time this week. Okay, okay, I may have pouted just a tiny bit.  And then over the din of miffed, pouty thoughts I  heard my name being called.  It was Donna.

“I’m glad you don’t walk very fast” she said as she handed me the packages I’d left behind.  No, my sulky walk is slow and well…sulky.  No pouting from Donna, she apparently had no miffed thoughts about why that fussy woman…that would be me…didn’t buy anything after trying on every blooming pair of shoes in the shop.  No, Donna was kindness itself.  I didn’t deserve it.

Not only did I get my packages back, but with them came a corresponding sense of balance.  New shoes I can live without, and I never intended to buy Christian Louboutin shoes, I just like writing the name.  At $700 a pop, I don’t think so.

Kindness on the other hand I can’t get enough of.  Giving and receiving.

To boot, so to speak, ’tis the season.  Thanks Donna for the reminder.  You could have just handed them in to lost property, but you were too kind.

Encourage each other.



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