Karma. Is it a genuine force at play in our lives? Do you ever find yourself wondering if the Universe has a sneaky scorecard, keeping tabs on your every move?

You’re not alone. It’s a concept that captivates us, hinting at one of the Universe’s most alluring mysteries.

But if karma really exists, how does it work? Do you do a good deed thinking, “Alright Universe, show me the love”?  Or maybe, after a questionable decision, you look over your shoulder anticipating a cosmic response?

Whether you fully embrace the concept of karma or not, like me, you probably still find yourself muttering “What have I done to deserve this?” when life throws yet another curveball your way. Am I right?

Belief in karma is popular in many organised religions and cultures around the world. But for many of us, we think of karma as a general principle of “what goes around comes around”. Or as one of my favourite quotes so eloquently puts it…

The universe does not carry debts. It always returns back to you what you gave it.

Drishti Bablani

It seems to me that by embracing the idea of karma, we can contribute to a more compassionate world. It motivates us to think twice before we act, to extend a helping hand when it’s needed, and to choose words that uplift rather than harm.

I believe that our actions have consequences. That the energy we put out into the world finds its way back to us. That our deeds have a ripple effect which stretches further and touches more lives than we will ever know.

So whether you’re a firm believer in the karmic cycle or a sceptic searching for answers, click the button below to try our quick karma quiz in the hope of gaining a sprinkling of insight…or just having a little fun!

All my best, Lorri x

What Kind of Karma Do You Have?


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