Chances are that every day you shower, and brush your teeth and try to do something with your hair. Oh no, wait, that’s me.  You might have different bathing habits, but still, chances are you do something towards keeping that great bod of yours clean and well cared for.


Going Beyond.

Even if it’s not jumping in the lake, I bet it’s a habit you never give a second thought to.  You just do it, it’s a physical action you take.  You have a habit of thought that leads you to act.

Our habits of thought might be hard to catch in our mind, but they are ‘writ large’ all around us;  in every event and circumstance we encounter, in every person we’re involved with, in every action we take.

That’s the good and the bad news.  It’s good because all our thoughts are out there in all their glory for the whole world to see.  It’s bad because all our thoughts are out there….etc etc.  And some of them aren’t all that pretty to look at.  Or am I speaking for myself here?  Okay, mine haven’t always been pretty to look it.  In fact some of them have been about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  Not good news for a Brit who likes a nice cuppa.

Sitting with Thoughts

Too bad we don’t have an off switch for our mind,  it’s pretty much an energizer bunny, it just keeps on going.   So many useless thoughts.  Worries, anxieties, negativity, fear…as I said lots of useless thoughts.

I’m not saying fear doesn’t have its place, it’s pretty useful when you’re in a jungle being chased by lions…memo to self…when on safari don’t jump out of jeep to see the lions.

If your thoughts are fearful or focused on obstacles, difficulties, and challenges it’s fairly certain that your life experiences reflect that.  It’s a cool system.  Life is like a gigantic mirror designed to reveal us, to us.  Not so we are miserable, or unhappy or struggling, but so we can look at it all and say…huh, I don’t think so…not in my world and then set about changing some of those old thoughts, we didn’t even know we had…at least until we looked at our life.

It seems to come down to the same thing time and time again.  Keep your attention on what you want.  Unless we choose what we’re going to think, we’re choosing to accept our default patterns of thought…good…or bad.  And when you see something wonderful and new in your world, give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve changed a habit of thought.

Encourage each other.

Love Elle.




 Lil’ Franz





Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Ohhhh….that “off switch for our mind”…wish I had one..but wait…if I have the freedom of choice then I choose to create that switch…well…at the beginning, more than likely I have to use that imaginary switch a lot, I mean A LOT, maybe hundred times a day, who knows…it depends the quality of my thoughts…just ONE question: do I like my current thought or not, am I thinking negative or positive now, and more importantly what kind of FEELINGS do I have behind that thought? Lovely, passionate, kind, optimistic or unhappy with fear or worry? If my current thought/feeling is negative then the only thing I have to do is to use THAT SWITCH and choose to think something/anything that makes me feel better, comfortable, grateful, makes me smile so gives me better feelings. I love this game 🙂 Easy? Maybe not, but I am sure that with practice and consistency I will get to the point when I don`t have to use that switch anymore. I can not wait to get to that point. 🙂
    Dear Elle, thank you so much for your brilliant idea!
    With love, E.

    • Elle

      I love your enthusiasm Emilia. I have heard tales of those who spend many hours a day meditating having the ability to at least slow down this mechanism we call our mind, with it’s busy ways. I know I’m not there…yet. Meantime, directing thoughts towards the positive and constructive is definitely the way to have a more positive life experience. Keep us posted on your progress. We love your successes.

  2. I so encourage you to keep up your wonderful blog. So refreshing, so empowering and so encouraging. Thank you.

    • Elle

      I appreciate your encouragement Brian. Thank you.

  3. Elle,
    I found your blog yesterday, and I’m already a fan!!

    About habits… People often tell me (modesty aside) how wonderful and gorgeous, and witty and inteligent I am, how valuable and stuff… the thing is, I never really felt that way.. and always thought “Well, he is my dad, of course I’m pretty to him” “Mom, I’m not that intelligent, you see that because you are my mom!” and so I kept on despising every compliment I got… I simply didn’t believe it!

    One day, I met a guy, much younger than me, and he told me (after a couple of rejected compliments) “Girl! you are difficult to compliment! You never take not even one!”, and I felt very embarassed… but then it got me thinking: that guy didn’t know me long.. and wasn’t related to me, so maybe it was true, and I’m not as worthless as I often felt… and when I changed that attitude, my life started lining up…

    So, pat on the back for me! I changed (or started changing) an habit of thought!

    • Elle

      Now that is pretty cool. Congrats to you for being awake/aware enough to recognize what was going on – you deserve a pat on the back for that alone, never mind actually beginning to change habits of thought. It’s so great that life is such a wonderful reflection for us, because being aware (as you are) we are at choice to imagine something different. Way to go.
      Welcome to the party!

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