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Five years ago, I was exhausted and ready to quit.  

And worse, I was nowhere near being in alignment with my true Soul’s Purpose.

As a holistic practitioner, I was doing ok compared to others I knew, but I was getting tired of the grind.

Tire of constantly feeling like I needed to maybe take on another gig to make ends meet… and I was already working full time as a 911 dispatcher!  

Deep down, I knew I wanted to be a full time holistic practitioner and my work as a 911 dispatcher made me feel like I was just putting bandaids on bullet wounds.

Things came to a head when I landed in the hospital with adrenal insufficiency.

The physical pain from the allergic reaction was terrifying, but the emotional sensations were worse.

I felt like I had hit rock bottom with my “career” (or lack thereof) and needed to rethink everything about my life.

How could I continue attempting to help people with their health when I couldn’t even take care of myself?!

After some soul searching, I realized that I was out of alignment with my purpose and needed to re-evaluate my path.  Can you relate?

I had chosen 911 dispatch out of fear that I could not make it with an unconventional calling.  

It was time to shift gears and embrace my true calling.  The journey was a rough one, but the healing that came out of it has led me to making a full time career as a holistic practitioner while living a life more in alignment with my soul’s purpose.

Here are four things I learned to do on this journey that can help you get back in alignment with your purpose:

1. Allow your intuition to guide you towards your Soul’s purpose

For years I was stuck in a 911 dispatch job that I hated.  

I was good at it and it paid the bills better than I thought I could do alone.  I fought my intuition to quit and kept reminding myself that at least this way I was kind of helping people and sort of making a difference.

But “kind of” and “sort of” are not the words your spirit has reserved for our work!

 Letting go of preconceived notions of what we should be doing with our lives and instead surrendering to the inner voice that is guiding us to what we are destined to do gives us permission to enjoy life from the paradigm of a blessed light-worker.

Then we are ready to find others to surround ourselves with other lightworkers to give and receive encouragement.

2. Surround yourself with other light-workers

As an aligned empath and entrepreneur, I now understand the importance of surrounding myself with those who are similar to me and who are similar to what I want to become.

The substance of these connections allows for a safe space to grow while I explore what I am becoming.

As with all conscious attraction work, find people that are not only similar to what you hope to become but whose presence you enjoy.  

Allow yourself the blessing of good friendship and learn how to give and receive the benefits of being with your aligned community.

Once you are with others who will encourage your alignment, you will want to make sure you are working to keep yourself energetically healthy.

3. Take time to reset yourself regularly

The first thing I learned that helped me stop the urge to push too hard was simple: make yourself a cup of tea.

With an old fashioned kettle that whistles when it boils and everything.  As an American, I had never paid attention to the therapeutic effects of just stopping to prepare a cup.

Doing something small like this every day gives you time to listen to your intuition. And makes sure you’re on the right path, to begin to find healing.

Implement a daily practice of Reiki, Qi Do, Tai Chi, or just meditation with the intention to realign.

While this can be a great start, self-work will only take you so far.  At some point you will hit a block and it will be time to find other holistic practitioners to help you continue your work. 

4. Visit other practitioners to get through the tough blocks

I see my massage therapist, chiropractor, and energy healer each at least once per month.  

They have skill sets that complement the work I do myself and I trust them to call me out if I am slipping out of alignment. Without my “team”, I would not be able to effectively focus on my soul’s purpose.  

Without my “team”, I would still be floundering and struggling to realign.

This does not have to start out as a large financial commitment.  

If you have surrounded yourself with other light-workers, you may have some practitioners who are willing to trade work.  

As things fall back into alignment for you, you can expand and find other practitioners to begin utilizing.

These simple shifts help to energetically remove blocks from your path.

You can totally change your life with a simple shift in energy.

Once I implemented these four steps, I found myself finally beginning to live the life I wanted.  

My abundance blocks dissolved and the flow of blessings has been even more sweet now that I am tapped into my soul’s purpose.

Don’t wait until you’re in the hospital with some chronic, stress-related illness to decide you deserve a better life!  Take the time today to start making these easy changes to your path and watch things begin to change for the better.

Blessings on your journey~

Lara Elizabeth Guthrie


Lara Guthrie is a multi-modal energy healer and instructor with over 15 years of healing experience. Founder of the Qi Do Energy Method, she helps clients with hormonal imbalances find natural solutions and teaches practitioners to get clients life-changing transformations while running a thriving business.


  1. How brave, Lara, to go for your soul’s purpose. I’m so happy for you. These tips are so helpful. We need to take a step back and listen and our soul will tell us what we need to know.

  2. I have become more intuned with my intuition, Lara as the years have passed. Listening to how my body feels about something has helped to guide me in directions that work. I love the idea of resetting yourself regularly. Having a quiet cup of tea sounds inviting.

  3. This is a wonderful reminder, Lara to stay true to ourselves. When I listen to my instincts, I find myself more aligned with where I’m should be in life. It helps to get rid of the mind chatter that can keep us stuck and listen to what our body is telling us.

  4. Do you know any lightworkers in los angeles area, CA?

    • I’m sorry Julie..I don’t. But I wish for your life to be filled with light regardless. 🙂

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