What is it that evokes memories? Is it our sense of smell, or a feeling that creeps upon us unnoticed in our busy day until it bursts forth, flooding our memory with a long forgotten incident.  Maybe we see something that, although new, looks like something we’ve seen in the past, triggering a memory.  A sort of deja vu  For me, it could be one or all of these.

Some of my memories would be better off never seeing the light of day again, they’re the one’s I’m truly happy not to revisit thank you very much.  The cringeworthy memories of embarrassing things I said, or did…the kind that still make me squirm if they raise their ugly little heads.

But those soft, sweet memories of childhood…aah now that’s a very different story.  And for me, they’re usually just a little snippet, a tiny glimpse into a period when life was simple and free, and without cares.

Walking yesterday morning, with a deep chill in the Florida air, took me back in time to crisp, autumn, childhood days when us three kids would scuff our shoes through the fallen leaves just for the sheer pleasure of the sound it made, not to mention, just for the hell of it.

Since my brother rarely stayed with us for long, it’s unusual to have a memory involving him at all.  Told to ‘take care of them’  he did this remarkably well by disappearing from view, with ominous words of warning ringing in our ears “You’d better not follow me, or tell…or else.”  Christine and I never discovered what the ‘or else’ was.  We usually obeyed.  He was bigger than us and we didn’t want to risk ‘it’.

The way through the woods

But still, the memory was sweet and although I was in Florida, I could smell the dank earth as though it were real.  Imagination is a very powerful thing.

And my mind was led to a school outing when I was in Kindergarten.  I’ve no idea where we went, or if I had a good time.  I’m sure I did.  Strangely enough all I remember was walking past a garden centre, down a squishy, muddy lane with the smell of Dahlias strongly in my nostrils.  And oddly enough, I liked it.  I was always a little weird.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before…no?

Muddy path near Beersel

And the memories were happy.  Except I have a problem with Dahlias.  They always seem to have earwigs crawling around them, and earwigs give me the creeps.  Do they really crawl in your ear?  I thought so when I was at Kindergarten.  And I’m still not certain.  Best to stay away.  From earwigs and Dahlias, just to be sure.

In spite of the earwigs, I felt at peace.  As I said imagination is a powerful thing, when it can create the scents and feelings from the past and bring them right into the present.  Makes you wonder what else it can do, doesn’t it?

Encourage each other.



Photo credits:

The Way Through the Woods by Steve-h.

Muddy path near Beersel by LHOON.


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