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When I’m out and about running errands I’ve been to know to stop for a quick ‘cuppa’ and a chance to reflect on where I’m heading next.  Inevitably I overhear conversations…and sometimes they’re interesting enough for me to sit up and take notice.  Okay, okay…I’m being nosy.  In my defence it’s generally because people are talking loudly enough for me to hear, so it can’t be a secret.  Right?

Afternoon tea at the Savoy

This is actually a photo of tea at the Savoy… I didn’t really stop for tea there…I might have done if it were here in Florida, although, being completely honest, as of course I always am, the champagne might be the real attraction.

In the little coffee shop where I actually was yesterday I happen to hear…solely by chance you understand…two people discussing what they ‘hated’ about the holiday season and…well what they hated about everything.  What a downer…if I’d listened to them for much longer I might have had to run home, jump into bed, pull the blankets over my head and never come out.  Eavesdropping doesn’t always work out well.

Strangely enough it brought Mother Teresa to mind. Well actually one of her quotes.  She said  “I won’t march in protest against war, but I will march for peace.”

Now there’s the problem for my two naysayers.  Being against anything, be it a march, a philosophy, the holiday season, or just someone’s point of view is a huge energy drain and I don’t know about you but I usually need all the energy I can muster.  There’s a wonderful world that requires my participation and feeling poopy and tired or listless doesn’t cut it.

Being for something, on the other hand is energizing and raises enthusiasm and passion…now that’s more like it…a little bit of passion goes a long way. Was that a ‘Yes” I heard from my Darling One?

I don’t have to work very hard at being for the holiday season… I love this time of year.  But there are other things that I just might, in the past of course, have been against, so I’ve made up my mind to take a leaf out of Mother Teresa’s book and choose to be for something…rather than against it.

Probably the season working its magic on me.

Encourage each other.



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Afternoon tea at the Savoy   addedentr

Elle Sommer
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  1. The Christmas Season properly celebrated exhalts the best in all of us, the entrance into the world of a great Soul who changed the planet forever, the spirit of giving and caring for one another, even strangers. We seem to be a bit kinder, a bit more patient and a bit more lovine these few days. Wish they would last all year long! What’s to hate?

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