When you think of the mind, you may think of it as a separate part from the body.  What we call the mind may not be tangible like your body, but your body cannot function without the operation of the mind. 

The mind is the governing power over every single part of our being, the key of which is the control of our creative visualization abilities.  When we ignore learning or gaining more understanding of our mind we get stuck in life.  When the mind is not right, we can succumb to all sorts of illness and become physically off balance. 

Understanding the power of your mind gives you the skills to create an enhanced version of yourself; such as in the case of achieving and maintaining a body of health and wellbeing. 

We cannot bring healing into our body while we are thinking and talking about illness.  In order to create health, we have to speak about health, we also have to take deep breaths of wellness throughout the day.  We have to become actively involved in the process of thinking thoughts of wellness for sustained periods of time, throughout the day.

This process must be done with purpose, a clear intent and consistency.  This is a process that you should do daily, several times a day.  This is done until you see the physical manifestation of that thought idea.

The one complaint many people have in maintaining particular thoughts of wellness, is the inability to get and stay motivated in doing so.  The answer to that dilemma is this.  If you understand the dynamic nature of thought, and the nature of how thoughts create things, this knowledge will add more meaning as well as motivation to the practice.

The Secret of Thought Vibration For Wellness

Every single thought emits a tremor or movement of energy.  That movement is what we call vibration.  Although you may not be able to sense this slight pulsation, thoughts can be measured.  More and more scientists and researchers are testing with devices, which can pick up the vibration of thoughts. 

With every thought we have, there is also an impulse of energy being emitted by the brain.  You could say that every time we think, we expel a flash of electricity from the brain and that electricity has with it a vibration or inaudible sound.  It may be inaudible to your naked ears but the sounds frequency is there. 

You may not be able to sense the electrical charge being emitted by the brain when we think, nor can you hear the sound of your thoughts but it’s there. 

You may not be able to hear certain sounds, but insects or your pets can hear certain sounds, no matter how slight they may be. 

You could say that thinking creates a movement of energy and that movement of energy can be heard at the tiniest level.  You could also say that your body exists in a field of pulsating energy much like a plasma ball.  Everyone is existing as their own unique plasma ball, generating their own unique plasma energy. 

What does this have to do with Wellness?  – Some of us live in a field of thought vibration which produces more energy.  Imagine being in the center of your own plasma ball, which produces an atmosphere of sustained healing, wellness and balance.

On the other hand, some of us live in the center of our own vibrating thought field, which eats upon itself.  In a thought field which eats upon itself, you have to work harder to stay balanced as well as to produce more nurturing, healing energy.

How to Use Your Mind to Program Health and Wellness

Those who hardly ever get sick or those who get sick but seem to heal very quickly, are able to do so because they exist within a thought vibration which generates more healing energy.

Healing Thought Vibrations Vs. Unwell Thought Vibrations

When you think of the concept of positive thoughts vs. negative thoughts, what really comes to your mind?  Often the response is, thoughts that are happy and uplifting are positive, while thoughts which keep you depressed and unmotivated are negative.  While that is true it is not the full picture.

Positive thoughts are thoughts which confirm the natural order of wellness that the universe is already supplying.  When you get a cut, does it not heal on its own?  What if you were marooned on an island, where the small group of inhabitants believed that if you got a cut, it would kill you?  In such a case, most people on that island would die from cuts. 

Our body, like the universe we live in, is always expanding in the sense that the body in its natural state is always generating more energy.  The body is always moving into a state of wellness, healing itself and creating balance.  However, our lack of awareness, along with a great amount of fearful thoughts, blocks this natural flow of wellness. 

We get consumed by the idea that some horrible thing is going to happen to us.  Then we fester on those negative possibilities, long before those negative possibilities even happen to us.  As we feaster on those thoughts of ill health and disaster, we create a strong thought vibration within us, as well as around our physical body. 

Our body then begins to vibrate at a state of unwellness.  We saturate not only our thoughts with unwellness but we use our capacity to visualize to saturate our inner vision with mental pictures of ill health. 

Much of this we do unconsciously.  Sometimes we aren’t even aware of just how many hours we can spend talking about or thinking about all the possible ill happenings that may occur. 

We don’t realize that we begin to create the body of ill health in our mind first by the amount of attention we give to those thoughts and images.  The body then begins to vibrate on those thoughts of illness.

On the reverse end of things, we can turn things around by doing the exact opposite.  We can create, as well as sustain the natural flow of health and wellbeing by encouraging it with intense thoughts of health and wellbeing.

It’s Not enough to Say That You Understand This – One of the biggest mistakes we make is understanding this concept then believing that knowing is all that is necessary to achieving results.  In order to experience a body of health and wellness you have to willfully, deliberately, actively create a new body of balance and wellness. 

Through the power of visualization, affirmations and thought transmutation, you have to create a rock solid, vibration of health and wellness. 

You must be able to visualize with intensity and power a body of health so strongly that it erases any visions of fear and ill health from your mind.  This has to be turned into a daily practice for several days.

A New Body of Health – When you visualize as well as affirm thoughts and images of health, you are literally creating a new body that becomes immune to attack.  Your body is a thought body.  The condition of your body is thought. 

Nothing is created that has not been first thought into existence.  The reason why your body continues to maintain the same old conditions, is due to a strong memory on your part.  You remember, or should we say, you visualize yourself into the same conditions.

The only way to create a new body, new health and wellness is to first create it at the thought level.  

By creating a new mental thought pattern, you create new circumstances.  You can create a new body of health, vibrancy and super powerful by transmuting your previous thoughts into new empowered thoughts.  These new thoughts should always mirror the perfection you would like to experience. 

Healing Meditation Technique

Get into a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for 30 to 60 minutes, more if you can.  At this time you may want to prepare a soothing, clean space.  If you can create an atmosphere with beautiful scents that would be ideal.  The goal should be in creating a soothing atmosphere which makes you feel good.

Read the steps to the following mediations 3 times until the steps seem natural to you.  After you have read the steps, it’s time to actually do it.

1.)                    Start by calming yourself.  For a few minutes follow the in and out flow of your breath.  Get acquainted with the sound and rhythm of your breathing, nothing else.

2.)                    If you have any pain or any area of your body that may be unwell, bring your attention to that area.  Don’t be afraid of it, bring all of your mind and focus to that particular spot of condition.  Breathe into it with all of your mind and focus breathe into it.

3.)                    Receive it, love it and accept it.  Let go of any need to push this illness or pain away.  The more you fight, the stronger the condition gets and stays. 

4.)                    Talk to that unwell part of your body, ask it this question:  Why are you here and what have you come to show me, teach me?  Talk to it lovingly, as you do, continue to breathe deep full loving breaths into that part of your body.  Stay with this until you feel a sense of mental clarity and peace with what is.

5.)                    After you have gained a higher perspective to your condition, talk to that body part or condition and tell it that you are ready to heal.  You are ready to be balanced. 

6.)                    Using the power of mind to visualize, hold a clear vision of your body now healing.  Allow yourself to feel joyful breaths merging with that part of your body.  Breath 7 deep full slow cycles into that body part you are working on.  As you do hold a clear vision of it at its healthiest.  With each breath, repeat this affirmation.  I receive the healing. 

7.)                    After your seven breaths, bring your mind to your whole body.  Visualize yourself in the center of a crystal-clear field of vibrating light energy.  This field of energy should be an egg shaped around your physical body

8.)                    Continue breathing, slow deep breaths as you have been doing.  This time bring your focus to the field of light in and around you.  With each breath the light becomes brighter.  With each breath you take as you visualize the light, repeat this healing mantra.  My body is a healing vessel of light.  Repeat this for as long you as care to.  The longer you do, the more power you add in created this new body of health and wellness.

9.)                    When you are done simply confirm that it is done in faith and in vision.  Then let yourself return to your present space.  When you open your eyes, again say to yourself out loud, “my body is a healing vessel of light.”  

Remember you are creating a new body.  This technique should be done whether you are ill or healthy.  If you are healthy, choose the statements which enhance your health keeping your body naturally generating more light of wellness.  You are creating the foundations of a clean, healing vessel through thought vibrations. 

How long can you keep in that healing space?  Can you do so for an hour?  The key is to remain focused as you also hold a very clear vision in the mind.  Your vision must be as realistic as possible, you must also imprint the mind with this vision, with clarity.

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Daniel Hinds is the author of Open Your Spiritual Eye to Experience Superhuman Visualization Abilities. He also maintains the blog, CosmicWealth.com where he writes on Mind Power and Reality Creation topics. He is also a teacher and coach on mind and reality creation for the past 14 years.

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