All of us are survivors, but some of us survived with everything working for us.

Others of us survived through wave after wave of adversity.

To have survived means that you didn’t just sit aimlessly and listlessly, staring off into nothingness during seasons of waiting. You endured the waiting, while still actively advancing towards the pull of Destiny, towards the blessing your heart longs to see.

You allowed your heart’s longing to direct your steps even when you couldn’t see two steps in front of you.

You let your dream inspire you to believe even when circumstances seemed murky and the way ominous. You hoped against hope when your vision dimmed and Destiny’s promise seemed in vain.

You’re a survivor because you refused to sacrifice your dream in the face of setbacks

Now, you’re about to see those setbacks as your setups for success.

You pushed through. You made it!

You intuitively knew what had to be done to receive the blessing your heart longs to see.

You’re a survivor and every survivor knows to renew their strength so that they can be strong enough to bear the weight of the favor that Destiny is going to release on their life.

This is the time for that release of favor. Are you prepared? Are you ready?

The longing inside has sustained you for such a time as this

The allure of the vision has beckoned you on.

The desire to receive the blessing your heart longs to see becomes a magnet, drawing your very heart’s desire towards you.

The joyous intoxication of the dream has enticed you forward. You’ve been sustained by something that you probably can’t even describe and you know that something is about to happen.

It doesn’t matter if it looks like your season. It doesn’t matter if you’re 23 or 83. When Destiny declares it’s time to bless you, you shall be blessed!

It’s dangerous to give up too soon.

Some of us survived with hardly anything going for us.

No job.   No help.   No family.   No savings.   No friends.

There were times when we had to push ourselves. We had to encourage ourselves. We fought in the dark to keep advancing towards the promise. We didn’t have what others had but we made it, because Destiny was on our side.

People may get upset when you receive your blessing

That’s okay. They’re just thinking small and seeing small, so they’re receiving small. But you don’t have to.  

Whoever you are, this is the time. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for!

You’ve waited all your life to get to this moment. You’re in the right place at the right time to have a miracle break through in your life.

If it had happened ten years ago, you couldn’t have handled it. If it happened 2 years ago, you would’ve squandered it.

But now, now you’re ready. You’re strong enough. You’re tough enough. You’re courageous enough. You’re tenacious enough.

Now, you’re ready!

Prepare to receive your blessing.


Sara Wasser is an online entrepreneur and founder of, a site dedicated to assisting its members in uncovering their extraordinary potential. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters of Biblical & Theological Studies. To read more posts by Sara, you can subscribe to her blog or follow her on Facebook.


  1. What a wonderful piece!

    Many thanks for the in-depth work of this post.

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