If you truly want to become exceptionally successful, your must first know a couple of Life Truths.

  1. All success of any kind, in any area of life, is spiritual in nature. “As within so without” holds true for us all.
  2. If you are in any way tethered to someone else’s idea of what success is, you are on the wrong track.

Success should only ever be defined by you. It’s not simply about financial success or career success and it’s definitely not gained by accepting success as defined by others.

But it is yours for the choosing, it is yours for understanding and acquiring certain spiritual practices that can lead you more easily towards your own definition of success, to your own happy ending.

First you have to define success as it applies to you.

And then you can begin to use your spiritual muscles to transform your life from what it is right now.  Always assuming you’re not yet living that happy successful life that you truly desire.

Being exceptionally successful begins with:

Creating a multidimensional view of life

I used to be one who far too frequently accepted what other people determined success was without giving it too much thought.  It was the general consensus that success meant money. And I bought into that idea.

But the truth is that life is much more multidimensional than that.  And yes money matters, of course it does.

It’s a basic necessity for our overall happiness and wellbeing. But more importantly there are 5 aspects to life which need to be honoured, respected and nurtured – not in any particular order.

  • Finances and career
  • Relationships, family, friends, partners and children.
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Fun and joy of living

The key is to be balanced …to nourish and cherish all five.  Not that each require equal time, all the time, but make sure one isn’t being shut out.  Look for ways to honor all five aspects of life by looking closely at your life choices every few months.

You don’t have to get overly specific right now about what you want in all those areas…in fact one thing I often do is just choose that these areas of my life be ideal. 

So I have an ideal relationship, my financial situation is ideal, you get the picture…this stops doubts and fears getting in the way.

It’s really a pretty simple concept isn’t it?  But simple doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.  By remembering all these important aspects of life, nothing gets left behind and you are creating a multidimensional view of life that’s ideal for you. This leads to you feeling and becoming exceptionally successful.

Daily empowerment practice for chart topping success

Devote yourself daily to a mental, physical or spiritual practice.

The mind/body/spirit package of who you are is holographic (which basically means “an entity in which “the whole” is contained in each and every one of its parts) and whatever you do in any one of these areas spills over and affects the others. 

Which is pretty cool when you think about it.

Doesn’t matter if it happens to be meditation, yoga, tai chi, prayer, painting, going to the gym, walking in nature, journalling or hundreds of other practices.  It’s not what you do so much as the daily habit of it. That’s where the empowerment element comes into play.

Whatever empowering practices you incorporate into your daily life produces results in other areas and best of all often releases extraordinary capacities you have been totally unaware that you had.  I love that idea. 

Isn’t the way life works amazing.  I’m in love with it.  Truly.  In love with the magic of life.

Switch your mental diet to become exceptionally successful

We can no more stop talking to ourselves than we can stop eating and drinking, all we can do is control the nature and direction of our conversations.

And why would we want to do this? 

Because our inner conversations are the causes of the circumstances or our life and to transform our life we must first change our speech…those mental conversations we carry on with ourselves. 

Once you discover the creative power of inner talking then you can act purposefully, because these mental conversations affect all five aspects of your life. 

To try to change your life without changing your inner talking is to struggle agains the very nature of the universe.  It can’t be done.

So how about changing your mental diet for a week.  Here’s a plan…

Every day…3 times each day…create an inner conversation from the premise of having the life you want. 

Have a conversation with a friend who’s congratulating you for instance, on something you’ve long dreamed of. 

Whatever it is you desire…make sure that 3 times a day your inner talk is based only on the idea that it is now a reality in your life.

The reason this will transform your life is because mental conversations do not recede into the past, but they advance into your future and you will be consciously creating the very circumstances you want to see in your world.

Another pretty cool practice. Right?

Embrace Change

Life is an endless dance of things happening… embrace it, cultivate a great expectation that change is always working to your advantage and it won’t seem so fearsome.

Remember we’re always asking for change each time we desire something different. So don’t freak out when change happens…how else can you get what you want? 

And contrary to what people think using logic to manage change doesn’t really help…because usually we’re focused on logically thinking how to make something work that we don’t think is going to work. 

That leads us down the rabbit hole of putting our attention on what we don’t want…and we know what that’s going to give us.

How do we make any progress in life if we constantly fight change and then focus on trying to fix what’s scary about it! 

Not the way…it really isn’t.

If change worries you or makes you uncomfortable because deep down you can’t believe it will be change for the better, then it’s time to counteract this by telling yourself something wonderful will come out of it.

Set up a new mental diet. One that speaks to the phenomenal success that has been waiting all your life. Connect to it now, don’t keep it waiting any longer.

So when change arrives…and it will…because at some deep level we’re always asking for something other than what we have…remind yourself it’s all working out to your advantage.

Remind yourself of this often.  It will help.

Final thoughts on becoming exceptionally successful

I would be remiss If I didn’t mention that you are amazingly, uniquely powerful.

You have been given incredible talents and gifts and you don’t need ‘fixing.’  And though it might sometimes feel that you’re stuck in life, it’s totally not true.

What you might be is stuck in is your thinking. Stuck in yesterday’s stories. Bound by the chains of old stories that you made and that now make you.

So why not use your power and put these practices to work for you?

Your spiritual muscles need practice if you’re to transform your life from what it is right now.

But let’s always remember that there isn’t a one size fits all formula that guarantees success and happiness to each of us. 

And you probably will encounter setbacks, failures and maybe even heartaches, or plenty of experiences that challenge you.

But be proactive and you’ll attract more of the things you want. And as I said you are amazingly, uniquely powerful.

And for a quick recap:

1 Create a multidimensional view of life – by giving equal attention to all aspects of your life.

2  Practice daily empowerment  – whatever that is to you, be it meditation, exercise, journalling or something else.

3. Change your mental diet – 3 times daily create an inner conversation from the premise of having the life you want – it’s easy and fun.

4 Embrace Change – by choosing to see it as something you’ve asked for and that it’s working out to your greatest advantage…even if it doesn’t seem like that when you’re smack dab in the middle of it.


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. I just love your 4 tips, Elle! I absolutely agree with them. It’s what I do for myself each day although only once. I need to step up my game LOL! Thanks for giving me a needed push!

    • It doesn’t suprise me that we’re on the same page here Evelyn. May your practices be as good in your life as they are in mine. 🙂

  2. All of these tips are powerful and will make positive changes in a person’s life. I think the most powerful one is to change your mental diet. We all can change our lives for the better just by working with our mind to support and encourage us. Thank you for these wonderful reminders.

    • I so agree with you Debbie. That’s a vital component of living the live we want to live. 🙂

  3. These are great tips, Elle! I need to step up my game a bit, in the area of daily empowerment, but otherwise, these are things I work on as well. Thanks for the wonderful article!

    • I’m always trying to step up my game too Cathy…and that’s good. We’re works in progress. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the article Zeenat…the mental diet bit is always a favorite of mine too. 🙂

  4. I love your presentation of the 5 aspects of life, Elle. I was also struck by this quote: “Life is an endless dance of things happening… embrace it, cultivate a great expectation that change is always working to your advantage and it won’t seem so fearsome.” If we can flow with change, it will make such a difference in our sense of well being. Great insights in this piece, thank you!

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