Today, I’m officially fascinated with quotes like this:

[success] Hard work is not the path to well being. Feeling good is the path to well being. You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you. ~ Abraham Hicks[/success]

And this:

[success] If we did nothing but imagine and feel the lovely, the worlds reform would at once be accomplished. ~ Neville[/success]

Why the fascination?  I thought you’d never ask.

Partly because I’ve been noticing how often people will argue for their limitations.  You know the sort of thing…I can’t do this because blah blah and more blahs.  Or, well if I did that then blah, blah and a continued blah blah.

And partly because of the negative Nellies or Neds.  You know them.  The ones who get really upset over teeny tiny things, that on the scale of importance would hardly register at all and yet there they are working themselves up into a lather over ~ oh what the heck, let’s just blame it on the boogie.


However much they boogie, I don’t think that negative Nell and Ned or even limitation Lulu are going to be assisting in accomplishing reforming the world any time soon.

Well, okay,  maybe they don’t want to.  But how about living a life that feels good ~ it’s odds on that we all want that.

I didn’t mean to forget those who are always putting out fires, or stomping on crocodiles.  Hmm is that a real expression or did I just make it up?  New expression brought to you by She’s Definitely Not Shakespeare.

Why is that?

No, not why am I not Shakespeare…why are so many focused on what they can’t do, what they can’t have, and why everything is a challenge.

Sorry I don’t have an answer.  But, if we would all remember that our thoughts and feelings create a vibration of energy, that Life with a capital L responds to, we might be more cautious and discriminating in how and where we direct this energy.  We might be a little more careful in the thoughts we consistently think because they become our signature vibration; the tune we make up, which then becomes our dance with the Universe.

beam me ... (cc)

We always come back to that darned old cosmic energy that we exist in and are one with.  It’s at our beck and call, all day, every day and when we call, you’d better believe it comes running.  In fact it chases you down…you can’t get away from it.  Whatever energy you dwell in through your thoughts and feelings that’s what shows up in your world.

That’s not totally bad news…even for negative Nellies and Neds.

Because we are always connected to this energy, we have access to it, always, in every moment.  The energy of success is sitting there, and we can tap into it any time we want.  Same with health, prosperity, love…whatever your heart desire’s…the vibration exists for you right now.

We can tune in to positive or negative vibrations.  Every vibrational frequency is available.  Misery, poverty, sickness, unhappiness, on the one side of the spectrum and love, joy, and peace on the other.  We’re always choosing, with every thought, with every word, every feeling and belief that we hold.

Ready to begin moving into a happier vibration.?  We could start with abundance.  It’s a mindset that you can cultivate.

Pay attention to the abundance all around, even in tiny things.  You probably don’t just have one chair in your home, you have an abundance of chairs.

Do you have only one grape to eat ~ I doubt it, so you have an abundance of grapes.

Living in Florida we have an abundance of sunshine and blue skies and ~  courtesy of a lot of recent rains, greenery and flowers.

Have friends and family who love you?  That’s an abundance of love.  Be aware of love all around you.  If you seek it, you’ll find it.  And then just tap into the energy…briefly will do.

See how it works?

Acknowledging abundance that others have brings us the same benefits.  I saw a photo of George Clooney’s house in Italy the other day and relished and revelled in the abundance, beauty and yes, the prosperity.

You can see an athlete or a child filled with energy and vitality and be aware of and acknowledge their perfect health…so you’re connecting to the health energy.

Lake Como - temp title

Italy yes…George’s house…nah.

It might only be for a minute or less, whatever you’re choosing to recognize and acknowledge…but for that minute you are in that vibrational energy.  And if you continue recognizing and acknowledging, it soon becomes your new vibrational signature.  And your new dance with the Universe begins.

Feel good, good and more good.  Don’t be distracted by outside facts, they aren’t the real thing.  Only the images and feelings in you are real, so the more you tune into a positive vibration, the outside facts begin to line up on the side of good things!

Every minute is a fresh opportunity for us to live an even more extraordinary life and leave negative Nellie and Ned far behind.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle.





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Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. This is GREAT!!

    “The tune we make up, which then becomes our dance with the Universe.” I love this line and concept. So so true. The negative dance or the positive dance, which one will we move to????

    • Elle

      Thank you Harriet. What a great question, negative or positive, which dance will we move to.

  2. This one’s my favorite: Hard work is not the path to well being. Feeling good is the path to well being. Oh, but that Nellie and Ned make quite a strong negative committee sometimes eh? I guess once we decide to dance, they have no choice but to join in and let all those doubts disperse….even if they have two left feet. Like me.

    Hugs! Love how you write, Elle!

    • Elle

      Vidya, you truly are the sweetest hearted lady. Just love reading your comments. 🙂

  3. Well..the title drew me right in! When I lived on the boat with my children, we often said we danced with Wind…so dancing with Universe sounds like wonderful fun 🙂

    And, today I tried ecstatic dance via Gabrielle Roth videos, so your article is a wonderful affirmation!

    I love the quotes and the message you chose–thank you for sharing as you do 🙂

    • Elle

      Now I have to go to take a look at Gabrielle Roth Joy…after reading your blog I can absolutely see you dancing with the Universe. 🙂

  4. Elle, just reading your post has got me in a state of dancing with the universe.

    Half way through reading the post, I put on some very groovey Bollywood music and I had a ball in my office:-)

    Yes to dancing with the universe anytime!

    Here’s to more abundance and prosperity…

    • Elle

      Funny you should mention Bollywood music Arvind. Hubby and I were watching a movie the other night, it wasn’t so much Bollywood, probably sitars and most definitely Indian and we turned to one another saying, love this music! If we all tuned into Universal abundance more frequently, imagine the world we’d live in. Like you, I’m ready. 🙂

    • Elle

      Thank you Carolyn for your kind words and may you dance in abundance with the Universe too. 🙂

  5. It’s evident how abundant you are, it sings with every word you write. Thanks for sharing. And it’s my guess, that Italian villa, perhaps in Lake Como, is really yours!

    • Elle

      Now that’s a wonderful thought Brian. Nice to have you back in the conversation. We missed you. 🙂

    • Elle

      Hello Lisa, nice to hear from you and I’m so happy the post resonated with you. Sometimes I write stuff I really need to hear too. How the heck does that happen? 🙂

    • Elle

      Wow Tess, not too many people know Neville. How wonderful that you do ~ he wrote with such depth and mystery. I notice that each time I re-read a book or lecture there’s something new to pay attention to. Welcome to the ‘not too many people read this’ club. 🙂

  6. Elle,
    This is wonderful and so full of truth too!
    I particularly loved this:
    Feel good, good and more good. Don’t be distracted by outside facts, they aren’t the real thing. Only the images and feelings in you are real, so the more you tune into a positive vibration, the outside facts begin to line up on the side of good things!

    Yes – this is the key to creating your wonderful life!

    • Elle

      Thanks Angela ~ you know how much I love your words of wisdom. 🙂

  7. Elle,
    Everything you’ve written here is so true! I love reading posts about positive thought and how it affects your vibration! Thank you for the reminders!!

    • Elle

      Being reminded of who we are and how life works is truly a great thing Betsy – I like it for myself because for the time I’m reading, or hearing about it, I’m dwelling in the vibration that brings me great things…you gotta love that!

  8. Elle,

    I loved your quote: “We might be a little more careful in the thoughts we consistently think because they become our signature vibration; the tune we make up, which then becomes our dance with the Universe.” It really spoke to me tonight. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • Elle

      Thanks Victor, there’s nothing quite like something that inspires us before we go to sleep…we take those good feelings with us and wake up the next day in a great space, and so have great experiences. What a wonderful system. 🙂

  9. love this and love the quotes! The first one took awhile to sink in but I agree!
    I’m a big believer in “law of attraction”. I’m sad that there are so many skeptics who give it a bad name, because I honestly think that’s how the universe works like the laws of gravity!! The skeptics who don’t believe in it and say it doesn’t work… get exactly that.. because they attract it 😉 Life just doesn’t “work” for them. I also love that our life now is the culmination of our past THOUGHTS and to change your life you literally just need to change your thoughts.. As you say, a new dance with the universe 🙂

    • Elle

      Hello Janet, and thanks for joining in the conversation. You’re right of course, the sages throughout the ages have been telling us in a variety of different ways that the only way to change our experiences is to change ourselves. And that means our thoughts and feelings of course. Let’s keep on dancing!

  10. Elle….What an uplifting post. I’m a big Abraham Hicks fan. You captured the essence of what’s important while we’re on this earth. I always say the emphasis should be on ‘being’ with less on ‘doing. When I was in seminary, we used to do cosmic dancing….even now I do it, and let myself twirl around like a ‘whirling dervish’. It is freeing! xxoo-Fran

    • Elle

      That’s pretty cool Fran. I’d like to hear more about your time in a seminary…any place that produces cosmic dancing must be pretty cool. 🙂

  11. Dancing with the universe….what a pleasure to view and bask in the beauty of George Clooney’s home. One of my biggest passionate dreams is to live in a cottage by the sea and wake up (with my partner….hello universe..I am ready:-)) and lay wrapped up listening to the dawn chorus and waves lapping shore. Seeing the photo of George Clooney’s home in Italy I am mesmorised by the lushness, the valley views and the sea. Thank you for reminding me of my heartful dream. Exhale. In my minds eye I always say a simple stone cottage by the sea ….this is a whole new level and as you say…abundabce beauty and prosperity. I shall take this energy into my meditation. Thank you. Keep dancing…

    • Elle

      Welcome to the conversation Ntathu. Isn’t it fabulous how one desire leads us to another? I too can imagine for you your Italian home with your partner. We are often so much bigger than we can perceive. Keep on imagining and let us know when things begin to happen. Because if you persist, we know they will and if you change your mind and desire something different after a while, that’s okay too. 🙂

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