Learning how to care for a sad person will help you be there for your loved ones and friends when they are down.

People become sad, even those who are close to us. In this modern world, a lot of things can make us sad.

Things like the inability to pay rents and bills, death of a loved one, not being able to achieve a goal, a broken relationship, etc can stand in the way of our happiness. 

Knowing how to care for a sad person is not an innate ability or something an individual is born with.

This knowledge is garnered through research and practice. When you learn how to care for a sad person, you can reach through and help your loved ones when they are in their sad moments in the best way possible. 

To help you know how to care for a sad person, we have crafted a few guide tips that will eventually help you lift the spirit of a sad person.

What are you waiting for, read on!

1.Give a hug

Hugging someone shows affection and care. When you hug someone, they feel your warmth and they pick up your smell. This can go as far as making them feel relaxed and open to you.

Hugging someone sad can make them comfortable and help them recognize that you are there for them and able to help them go through this moment.

When someone is sad, go on and hug them. Draw them close to you and hug them tight and for long. If it is your spouse that is sad, get as close to them as possible and hug him/her tightly.

With no verbal expression, your actions have already said kind and loving words.

2.Say kind loving words

Now, go on and say some kind loving words. Kind loving words have a way of soothing the heart.

You can soothe the heart of a sad person by saying something kind and loving to encourage him/her and to elevate the mood of the sad person.

Words like “I’m here”, “we are in this together”, “you’ll get over this”, “lean on me”, “I love you”, can help a sad person feel better and know that you’re there to take him/her through the sad moment. 

3.Use the right tone of voice

Remember that words do not stand alone. They go along with tone to convey a meaning to the listener. To convey your words with faith that it would create a positive effect on the sad person, you would need to say it with the right tone of voice.

This tone of voice should be calm and filled with empathy.  We can’t use the same tone of voice when we are talking with a nosy neighbor or shouting at our stubborn siblings. A cool calm voice would do the magic, perfectly.

4.Ask questions

Asking a sad person vital questions is one way to go about learning how to care for a sad person. Everyone is different and has a certain way he or she would like to be treated. 

The importance of asking questions is to get useful feedback that would guide you on how to go about helping out a sad person go through a sad moment.

So, you can go about asking about what kind of music they appreciate or love if they appreciate paintings, their best food, movie genre, etc. In general, knowing what they love will help you attend to them in the best way possible.

Suppose you have known this person for ages, you should still ask if they would care for a certain thing at that moment.

Asking what they love is not the only question that you can ask to aid your hospitality. You can also ask to know why they are sad, how they feel, what they would like to do about it, etc.


People ask a lot of questions but they end up paying little attention to get the feedback that they wanted.

Don’t be that person. After asking all the questions that should help you know how to care for a sad person, listen keenly to know what the sad person would appreciate at that time.

If you had suggested playing a song for a sad person, but you were confronted with a ‘NO’, kindly respect his or her wish and try not to go about arguing about how beneficial the song would be to elevate his or her mood.

The main thing here is to be a great listener as it will help you know how to render the best fitting help.

6.See a comedy together

Who doesn’t know how hilarious comedy skits and movies could be. And pretty much everybody loves what would make them laugh and make alight their heart with.

Offering to see a comedy together is one way you can help a sad person elevate his/her mood. We all know that seeing comedy makes people laugh.

I am not trying to suggest you tell them to push the problems away and not deal with them, but if you could help them be happy, even if it’s for a while, that makes it worthwhile. Laughter is good for our health and our spirits.

7.Give a hot bath

If you’re not very close to the sad person to give a hot bath, you’ll just have to skip this part. Or offer to run a bath for them.

A hot bath is soothing to the body and gives off a calming feeling. Take your time to add their favorite oil to the bath. You can also go out of your way to set a relaxing mood with bulbs of relaxing colors like blue, pink, and green.

8.Create a performance

Doing something entertaining is one way to show how to care for a sad person. If you can dance, play any musical instrument, sing, do funny faces, or do something entertaining, then you can create a performance to cheer up a sad person.

I know you have learned something new on how to care for a sad person. Now over to you. Which is your favorite way of caring for a sad person? And, are there other ways we can care for a sad person that we didn’t capture in this article?

I’d be happy to hear what you have to say in the comments section below. Meanwhile, remember sharing is caring, so, take your time to share this article with your friends and those you care about.


Ben Danor writes on a wide range of genres, including sustainability, improving his environmental impact, technology, self-improvement, fictional stories and learning new ideas to better himself. In his spare time, he is a lover of music and composition, writing lyrics and composing various songs. He is also a lover of animals.


  1. This is such important information. Many times, we are uncomfortable with others’ emotions so we shut them down or try to cheer them up. What we really need to do is just be with them and listen. Simple, but hard to do! Thanks for the helpful info.

  2. It makes such a big difference when someone says they’re here for you. Thanks for these great tips. It’s great to have a tool bag of different resources that can be used at different times depending on what’s appropriate for the situation.

    • So true Sandra. Having something hand in our toolbox to be there for others is a great way to operate in life. I always appreciate thoughts from our guest authors.

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