It’s not easy is it? Keeping our mind focused, especially in the midst of challenges or difficult circumstances.

So how do we do that throughout the difficulties life can and far too often does bring?

Learning how to focus our mind to be calm and peaceful is very important and often can determine our success both in the outer physical and inner spiritual world. 

Both of which play a vital role in our happiness, success and wellbeing.

Most of the time we can’t stop our mind from thinking about certain things, like self-doubt, regrets, or frustration.

A scientist wrote: the quality of your life depends on how much you can concentrate and what you concentrate your mind on.

This literally means, how we behave and react to things in the outside world is a result of what’s happening inside our head.

So if you find yourself continually getting caught up in negative behavior, it’s important to know that it’s a result of what you’re constantly thinking.

And the solution to that is to learn how to reprogram your mind to concentrate on the positive things that can bring you good energy, peace, and calmness.

Sounds simple doesn’t it.  But easy it might not be.

Here’s something we can do to help us to achieve feeling calm and peaceful under difficult circumstances.

Practice The Method of Concentration and Attaining Flow

This means to train your mind to concentrate on one thing at a time and keep returning to that one thing no matter what’s going on or happening in your mind.

This will help you create a balance between the challenges created by your environment and the level of your skills to deal with that challenge.

So what is flow?

Flow is a bit like the zen idea of being in the moment. Though it’s not a mystical state of being, just one that’s created by our ability to maintain our focus on what is happening in the moment. 

And here we’re relating it to finding ways to maintain a calm and peaceful demeanor under difficult circumstances.

No chanting required. Just practicing focusing on where we are now, what’s happening now and what is good about now.

The state of flow

Is one you’ve probably experienced before.  When you’ve been totally absorbed and lost in something. So concentrated on it, the time flew by.

It’s that state that allows creativity and productivity to flow and supports you in achieving that peace and calm that we all need to move beyond the challenges of the day or week or year.

Characteristics of flow

To be able to manage our challenges better and even well it helps to understand the characteristics of flow.  It’s also the quickest route to experience that inner contentment that flow offers, so we can stop feeling beaten down by the day’s difficulties.

  1. Concentration…being single minded in the moment.
  2. Clarity…knowing the outcome.
  3. Effortlessness and ease in accomplishing your goal.
  4. Outer world of actions and inner world of belief are merged.
  5. A feeling that you’re in control of the moment, of the task at hand and not your mind.

Don’t be afraid of the hard stuff

It’s time to take a stand against the idea of avoiding the hard things in life, or running away from them, or allowing our mind to lead us willy nilly down the path to misery.

Regular people like you and me often find ourself face to face with difficult circumstances, but managing them and finding ways to remain calm and peaceful whilst in the midst of them builds up our strength and courage.

And makes all the difference between just getting through life and thriving in the midst of it all.

So the next time you’re facing difficulties or challenges, practice getting into the flow as a way to respond more calmly.

This practice means that whilst you won’t be able to control everything that happens in life you are honing your ability to respond as opposed to react…and that is one of your greatest powers.


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  1. Every one experience difficulties in life but how they deal with them that matters . Nice article thanks for sharing!

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