It’s not the promise of doughnuts, or my first cup of tea that gets me up in the morning, I just love my early morning walks.  Hmm why is that?

Maybe because this morning it was beautiful;  sun rising, warm and breezy and the birds were chirping merrily.  Love me those birds.  But no, it’s not that.

How about the fact that I’m always happy to be moving…my Darling One…a true gym rat (not sure if that’s a nice expression, but if he reads this he’s sure to let me know) well, he loves to say move it or lose it.  But I think it’s move it and lose it…the jiggly bits that is.  So I’m happy to be moving.

No, that’s not it either.

And then it struck me.  I love it because I get high.

I bump into people who have earphones…I’m sure they’re listening to something wonderful…and I’ve even met a woman carrying a little radio with some talk radio show blaring.  I suppose she couldn’t bear to miss it.  I kid you not.

Me?  I do affirmations.  I affirm all manner of wonderful things for friends and family…at their request, or with their permission.  And by the time my walk is over…I’m high.  High on life.  High on their happiness as they experience these wonderful things in my imagination.

How does that happen?   Well might you might ask.

It’s consciousness that’s what.

We are drawing into our world everything that we’re conscious of, be it about us or another.  Doesn’t matter.  Keeping attention on success, happiness, prosperity, or wellness , is a request to experience it, even when it’s all about someone else.  Life always responds to any claim we repeatedly make in consciousness through our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and our consciousness doesn’t know the difference between us and another.  It only recognizes and responds to the vibration within.  Isn’t that great?  We can imagine fantastic things for everyone else and we get to have them too.

Collaboration Blossoms

Simply put, what we’re conscious of becomes our reality.

It goes without saying, although you know I’m going to say it anyway…stay out of the habit of judging and criticizing, or seeing only unlovely things. It’s a request to experience more of the same.

Shorter version. Think happily about anything or anyone because it feels great and brings you greater things.  Can’t say no to that now, can we?

Encourage each other.

Love Elle.





Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Elle,
    How funny – I do that too! I walk and do affirmations. I just love it. I’ve done it for years with wonderful positive results for myself and others. At first I used affirmations to help me overcome fear and anxiety. I started replacing all my negative self talk with affirmations – now 25+ years later I use them to help others and create success in my life. They have worked beautifully!

    • Elle

      It’s always great to hear of successes Angela. I so appreciate you sharing your experiences and I’m still in awe, even after all these years, of the amazing power that lies within each of us.

    • Elle, I love affirmations — I do them as well…I once read that our brains are like computers — they will do what we program them to do. If we program it with negativity, then negativity will result. If we program it with positivity, then positivity will result. It’s very powerful. Thanks for sharing!

      • Elle

        I absolutely agree Victor…we are setting ourselves up for success, or happiness through the thoughts we consistently think and the feelings connected to those thoughts. I’m sure you are leading a wonderful life.:-)

  2. Hi Elle,
    Getting out amongst “the buzz” of humanity and being grateful certainly fills me. I enjoy saying my “thankyous” when I get out & about….mind you, I say them anyways. Thankyou
    be good to yourself

    • Elle

      Isn’t it a great state to occupy David? Seems like many of us are on the same page.

  3. Hi Elle,
    Love this post! I’m a daily walker too. I say my thank-you’s during my walks. I’m moving into affirmations now that I’ve read Jack Canfield’s book, The Success Principles and am currently reading Tony Robbins stuff; all based on beliefs and what we tell ourselves is what we put out there. Very powerful stuff. I love it.
    This post is simply delightful.

    • Elle

      Thank you Harriet. It’s so true everything we believe about ourselves is accepted by our sub-conscious as a fact…whether it’s true or not…and then it goes about the business of bringing it all to pass. It’s a wonderful system if we use it for us and not against us…then…not so much!

  4. This is my first time on your site and I am already enjoying the first post I am reading.

    I enjoy affirmations too. I don’t start my day with a morning walk but with meditation mostly. However, I regularly for walks sometimes in later part of the morning or in the evening.

    It’s nice how you are able to weave important messages from telling us about your morning walks. Thank you!

    • Elle

      Welcome Evelyn, I’m so happy you enjoyed today’s post. I always have a lot of fun writing them. Meditation is wonderful for creating vibrations of joy in our life. There are so many techniques to live our best life so far. Thank you for sharing yours.

  5. Elle,

    Great stuff and wonderful message! It is becoming more and more apparent to me that those who are happy, focused on what they are grateful for, and living from joy are more successful, wealthy, and healthy. Once I accepted that happiness must be embraced now, it started making a great impact.

    • Elle

      That’s wonderful Joe. It’s great to hear that you not only discovered happiness needed to be embraced…but then you went ahead and embraced it. Love it.

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