What is success? How do you define success?

Some might list synonyms like prosperity or achievement. Some may use words like wealthy. What is important to remember is that success is determined by what you think it is. Therefore, success to one might not look like success to another.

While the definition of success is fluid and personal, there is one key aspect that overlaps from person to person. A commonality in all of these healthy and successful business owners is consistently practicing daily habits.

Of course, bad daily habits can easily derail good intentions. But good daily habits can move the needle toward higher achievement, greater self-confidence, and an improved sense of well-being.

These 10 easy habits will help business owners become healthy and successful to take the best path to their endeavors. See where you can make small changes in your daily life.

They wake up early and at a consistent time.

Wake up at least three hours before you are scheduled to start work. Most successful people are mindful of getting enough sleep because they understand the power sleep has over their potential. If you’re getting up earlier, make sure you’re also going to sleep earlier.

Each person has their own criteria for how many hours of sleep they need to function their best, and it’s up to you to figure out how much that is. By waking up early and at a consistent time, you have ample time to exist in your own space before starting on the day’s work ahead.


This time allows healthy, successful people to organize their minds before the day’s stressors begin. Use the time to reset and recharge by exercising or journaling.

Don’t undervalue the impact of taking time for yourself before you start the workday. Focusing on personal development in the morning can shift your entire day into a more positive perspective.

They make their bed each morning.

Research has shown that you are 206% more likely to be a millionaire through studies of successful people if you make your bed each morning. If that stat alone isn’t enough to get you to fluff your duvet each day, think about it like this. Waking up and making your bed sets your day in motion.

You already start the day with a win. You are ready to take the day’s challenges head-on to the best of your ability. I guarantee you’ll feel more organized and put together the instant you straighten those sheets.

They do not spend time on wasteful activities.

When successful business owners are presented with opportunities, the first thing they ask themselves is: “will this help me achieve my goals?” If the answer is no, then it is almost always not for them.

Spending time on activities that do not champion your success will ultimately hinder your ability to realize your full potential.

Think about your long-term goals and the time you will take to invest in them. Successful people think about how every action will affect their future. Map out the perfect scenario and try to follow it to the best of your ability.


They associate with like-minded individuals. 

If you want to be a successful business owner, you need to get in the habit of associating with people who also want to succeed in whatever they do.

You’ll find that negative people try to invalidate your goals, while positive people support you in your endeavors. These people are achievers, just like you. They love to help others succeed, so they’ll constantly be your biggest cheerleaders.

And when times get tough, positive people will act as your personal motivational speakers. Seeking out like-minded individuals will force you to make better decisions and support your journey towards your goals. They are also great for accountability.

Other successful people often take positive actions to better themselves and their future, and they likely want the same for you. So, they hold you accountable if you start to stray from your goals.

Connect with positive people in person and online, such as through forums or social media sites like LinkedIn. 

They have a mentor.

A mentor is a perfect opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade directly from someone on your desired career path. Learning from someone who has already accomplished the things you aspire to is invaluable.

Having wisdom, direction, and just an ear that will listen to your struggles can turn the mountain back into the molehill and may be the advantage you need to find your success.

A mentor can point out the next step and warn you about potential roadblocks.

Having an experienced teacher is like an ace in the hole.


Not only are you learning the tools and techniques of your trade, but you’re surrounding yourself with successful, talented people who will inspire you to reach for more extraordinary things.

Finding a mentor can skyrocket your success like almost nothing else. The key is to learn from them. Ask them if they can help you with goal-setting. Walk through problem-solving scenarios.

And most importantly, leverage them for networking. Mentors can open doors to new professional opportunities.

They’re dedicated to lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning on any subject is essential for growth and self-improvement.

Reading is one of the most obvious habits of successful people. The more they know, the further they can go. Successful business owners don’t just invest in companies. They invest in themselves.

Reading of any kind flexes cognitive muscles that will enhance your worldview, your vocabulary, and your ability to focus.

Reading is the easiest way to learn something new, and knowledge is the only thing more valuable than money and time.

People who succeed are hungry for knowledge. They understand that though they may know a lot, there’s still plenty more to learn.

They take breaks from work.

It is okay to work long hours, and that time put into your passion will pay off in the end. But it is crucial to separate the end of the workday and the beginning of personal time.

Every day you should strive to form the habit of book-ending your time at work. You could go for a run or a walk or you could cook dinner. At the same time, resting during the workday is also vital if you want to function at your highest level.

Taking short mental breaks throughout the day can increase productivity on a massive scale. And if you move your body on those breaks, the impact can grow exponentially.

Whether it’s just stretching or going for a walk, movement increases blood flow and stimulates brain activity.

We brainstorm better while walking than we do while sitting still. What is important to remember is that there is a world away from your work.

Doing this will help you stay fresh and engaged in your business.

They have multiple sources of income.

Wealthy people understand that one income stream is not always enough. So it’s good to have multiple income streams. Plus, having a backup plan or a source for supplemental funds can fund your interests and desires.

They’re organized. 

Organization fast-tracks productivity, which leads to increased success. While getting organized typically takes time, the long-term benefits are well worth the effort.

The first step of getting organized is to prioritize your tasks.

Successful people know what’s important to do first and what can stay on the back burner.

When you prioritize, you finish what’s necessary every time.  I often will use Sunday to organize my week. It helps me clarify what my week will look like and helps set me up for success.

The few hours you spend getting started will be nothing in the long run—organization matters in all areas of life, from home design to office management.

As you align your tasks for the day, laser focus on one task at a time. Multitasking is counterproductive and can take more time and produce more unsatisfactory results.

They adapt. 

Planning is vital for efficiency, but so is being flexible when the occasion calls for it. Successful people understand that sometimes it’s necessary to adapt.

So as you work through your to-do list each day, don’t be afraid to adapt when necessary.

For example, if you fail at something, focus on the positive. Negative people see failure as a setback. They let it negatively affect their self-confidence and self-talk.

But successful people see it as a lesson learned, and they take in wisdom from missteps. They also know that to do well in life, you have to take risks.


Dean Graziosi is a multiple New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, investor and business trainer. Throughout his life, he has successfully started or played a major role in over 14 companies that have impacted lives around the world. Dean has a passion for providing self-education and business training platforms to individuals seeking self-improvement, fulfillment and success in life


  1. These are very helpful, tips, Dean. They all made sense and I can see how they would help a person stay focused and also not overdo it. Thanks, this article is definitely worth saving to reread.

    • Hi Cathy – I too thought it was a great read and feel privileged to have Dean as a guest author on LPN.

  2. I agree with all these suggestions. I think the most important one, for me, would be “be a life-long learner”. Being open, flexible, and curious about life keeps my brain and mind healthy and helps make for an authentic, fulfilling experience. I’m finding that taking breaks and having multiple sources of income important too!

    • You and I are so often on the same page Debbie – life-long learning is such an invaluable desire not only for business owners or career, but for our growth in every area of our life.

  3. Donal Docherty

    Hey Dean/Elle –
    The way this world works always amazes me.
    Yesterday, I was chatting with a young man who has a vehicle detailing business that is concentrated in several of the more well-to-do areas of town. He was telling me how he had been telling his MENTOR that he had surveyed his customers – if he started a landscaping business would they give him a try. He does quality detailing work, on time and with a fantastic attitude so the vast majority told him “yes”.
    This young man told me that he was going to establish several businesses as he wants MULTIPLE Sources of INCOME. I have no doubt of his impending success and I have no doubt that I’ll be forwarding this excellent article to him as part of his ongoing learning process. (he told me he read 58 books last year)
    Thank you for this gem that I my own self will be savoring and re-reading.
    Cheers !

    • Hi Donal…absolutely love your response to Dean’s article. What a great boost for us all. Thank you so much for sharing, I appreciate it. Elle 🙂

    • Cathrine Mukome

      Great article, very inspiring and uplifting. Agree with all comments as they are all but edifying Dean. It bothers me when I think of age 65 as retirement age. As a result people feel old and dependent with no consistent income and this has psychological effects. People stop formal employment based on a century old act enacted when life expectancy was 60. We need continuous learning to cope with post 65 life which can be equal to active working life or longer if one is to leave to a nano generic. Thanks Dean we have to keep our mental faculties very alert.
      My dad is a 93 year old retired teacher and still makes his bed every day. Still can pay his bills and is mobile. Thanks all for the insight.

      • Love your thoughts and the story about your Dad Cathrine. You’ve really hit the nail on the head here…life is entirely different today from the past. Isn’t it wonderful that it holds so much for us at whatever age.

  4. Jay sthilaire

    Love your advice and what stands out the most is the word HABITS in your headline. I have found this to be your most important teaching tool as this ONE thing can make or break one’s development!! Great article !!

  5. These are powerful tips! I will definitely work on the ones I haven’t already established. Thanks very much to Dean and Elle.

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