6 Signs You’re in a Good Relationship



We need them.

Research tells us that intimate relationships are necessary for our health and well being and we know that the early days of any relationship is awesome, but what comes after that first ‘honeymoon’ stage?

If we paid too much attention to our current cultural beliefs about love we’d believe that it’s a bed of roses, a fairytale of handsome princes and princesses, dashing off into the sunset.

1.Forget perfect

We know that life isn’t perfect but we’ve been fed the expectation that love should be. And we fall for it.

We want someone to come along and make us happy, meet our every need, or fulfill our every daydream of love. And some of us find ourselves struggling with jealousy. In short we expect our relationships to give us everything we ought to be giving ourselves.

2.Real Love…

with a capital L, can be challenging. And worthwhile. Real love is worth every mis-step, every misunderstanding and every obstacle you’ve faced. Real love is a series of everyday devotions; nurturing and compassionate. Real love is a conscious daily effort to create an environment of respect and forgiveness for the mistakes we will surely make.

You deserve real love, not the fairytale kind that never involves dishes and laundry and housekeeping and managing money etc. and once you have it you’ll want to do everything you can to hold it close and never let it go.

3.Don’t settle…

for less than you deserve. Seek the best and the chances are high that you’ll find it.

There’ll always be ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and it’s not always easy to know if the relationship you’re in will be the one that lasts so let’s take a look at 6 signs that tell you that your relationship is on the right track…and most importantly that it’s good for you.

Never settle. You deserve real love in your life.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

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