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My Darling One and I were heading for the airport…it’s just a short twenty minutes away and we were ten minutes into the twenty minute drive when he said.

“Where’s my cellphone?” 

I was very comforting…it’s what I do.   ” It’s probably in your pocket. “ He checked, every one of them.

“No, I think I left it at home.”

We’re now five minutes away from the airport.

“It’s probably in your bag” in my most comforting voice.

“No, I definitely left it at home” as we were screeching across three lanes to turn around.  He’s a very definite driver when needs must.

Time was short and I can be a lot of fun to drive with and these are the things I wanted to say:

Get in that lane, it’s moving faster.

Why stick behind this truck, he’s bound to be way behind the flow of traffic.

Gun it, you’ll make that light okay.

I’ll run in and get the phone while you keep the car revved up.

You’re too close…eyes closed now.

Look out

I told you I could be a lot of fun to drive with.

Things I said.

It’ll be okay, we have all the time in the world.

Pretty good wouldn’t you say?  It would seem I’ve learned, and can practice, that there are times when silence really is golden.

Oh and the flight was delayed.

Elle Sommer
Elle is the creator of Live Purposefully Now, a website with a wide variety of authors and topics whose focus is on helping you to change/re-direct and navigate your life. She is a self-confessed spiritual junkie, offering a deeper more holistic approach to life. This deeper approach sets you on a simple path towards your greatest future, helps you remove those limiting beliefs that hold us all back and supports you in achieving your dreams.


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