generate peace in your lifeMost of the time, many of us live in a state of worry in our life.

We worry about what the future holds for us, about losing our loved ones and mostly about every risk that lies ahead.

And we find ourself asking questions like, will there ever be a day where it will feel like everything is alright?

A day when we will become successful, happy, and calm, without ever feeling angry, think any negative thoughts or worry about anything.

I’ve come to realize that of all human emotion, nothing can be desirable as peace of mind.

Through the ages, in all religions and philosophies, the highest human good or ideal has been peace of mind, because with it, you’ll find health, wealth, wisdom, success, and happiness.

Though situations and circumstances may sometimes arise that go beyond our control, I’ve also learned that Man is the primary ruler of the earth and everything is kept under our guidance.

So instead of letting those feelings and emotions control us, we can choose to stand in the place of authority and control them.

If you want to generate peace in your life that’s long-lasting, these are the things to put into practice, regardless of the different challenges that might come your way.

Learn self mastery and self control and generate peace in your life

This means to discipline yourself to let go of everything that can hinder your inner peace and contentment.

Most of the time the primary anguish that leads to the unhappiness of humans is “attachment,” we often attach ourselves to many things like ideas, opinions, material things, and then refuse to let go of them.

Many of these external factors affect our mental and physical health and are often the very thing that keep us awake at night.

Think about it, chances are you’ve attached yourself to a lot of things that are holding you back.

You know this to be true, but it’s hard to let go of them because of some sensation or emotion you’re feeling on the inside.

Like unplugging a light from the socket, you must practice “detachment” which means, separating yourself emotionally from those things and outcomes.

When you do this, the negative emotion involved will stop as well.

So, set peace of mind as your highest goal and let go of any thought and emotion that disturbs you in any way.

Stop caring if you are right or wrong

Dr. Gerald Jampolsky once asked a great question, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

Most people tend to have a deep need to be right and that leads them to be conscious of everything they’re doing, which leads to anxiety, pressure, and sleepless nights.

However, when you stop caring if you’re right or wrong, all the emotions surrounding the need to be right disappear.

Do unto others as you will do unto yourself and sometimes allow yourself to be cheated by others.

“Be at peace with all men.”

When you stop caring if you’re right or wrong and start learning how to be at peace with everything, no matter what it is, you will begin to experience a long lasting peace and calmness in your life.

Don’t take things personally

The master of all negative emotion and the primary destroyer of inner peace is blame.

It’s impossible to have a negative emotion without having someone or something to blame, in fact, sometimes you end up blaming yourself.

When you take things personally and refuse to express how you feel or let go, it will hinder your peace of mind, block you from being productive or thinking straight.

Someone once said, “every one minute you’re angry, you’re losing sixty seconds of peace of mind.”

Make a pledge right now to let go and take responsibility for anything that happens in any negative situation.

Find a reason not to justify your negative emotion of blame or anger, instead use your intelligence to take responsibility.

Practice forgiveness to generate peace in your life

If you want to develop yourself spiritually and attract more wealth, and generate more peace and joy, you must learn how to forgive.

The law of forgiveness says that “you are mentally and emotionally healthy to the degree that you can freely forgive anyone who has hurt you in any way.”

If you’re part of the human race, then you must be prepared to experience betrayal, unkindness, rudeness, and dishonesty of others, and this does not apply to only you, it applies to everyone.

Truth be told it’s more or less unavoidable in life.

So you must be willing to forgive so that you can also be forgiven.

Simply ask yourself, how long will it take me to get over this and move on with my life?

An answer to that question will make it easier to forgive people easily, whenever they offend you.

The payoff of practicing forgiveness on an ongoing basis is extraordinary and it will independently liberate you.

Identify people in your past who have hurt you deeply and make a decision to forgive them now and let go of those negative feelings.

Make sure you read something spiritual and uplifting every morning before you start your day.

To find a long lasting peace, start by learning self-mastery and self-control, stop caring if you’re right or wrong, refuse to blame anyone for anything, and never let a day go by without practicing forgiveness.

Doing this will improve your self-esteem, help you become happier, and help you gain a peaceful state of mind.

Why not start now, and see how transformed you and your entire life become.


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