Flying High.

Travelling is in my blood…no surprise there…my Dad was in the Air Force, so we travelled.  For me, there’s still nothing quite like the thrill of visiting a different state, or city, or a new country.

Paris is fantastic.  A beautiful, somehow feminine city and so very walkable.  No matter how often I’ve visited, I still love Paris…any time.  I’d even go in August when most self respecting Parisians leave.  I don’t care that it’s hot and dusty and sweaty…I live in Florida…Paris can’t out-heat or out-sweat me.

Paris - Sacré-Coeur


Sacre Coeur in the Montmartre District.

And Venice…who wouldn’t love Venice.  Just don’t go in the rainy season, St. Mark’s Square floods.  Well it used to..haven’t been in quite a while.  And now I’ve a hankering to go again.

St Mark's Basillica

St. Mark’s Basilica.

To travel implies I know where I’m going.  I made a decision to go somewhere and funnily enough I ended up there.  I wasn’t going to jump on a plane to Timbuctoo when I wanted to get to Europe…hey I’ve been travelling since I was a nipper, I sort of know what I’m doing.

Each day when I get in my car, I know where I’m going…well generally speaking I do.  I’m not one for driving aimlessly. And I’m not one for wandering the streets in a haphazard way.  Usually before I set out I have a destination.

And yet…and yet…as I travel my inner world of thought and imagination…the very world that makes up my life experiences…there have been a few times, probably more times than I care to admit, when I didn’t decide where I was going.  Unbelievable as it might sound for a seasoned world traveller, navigating my inner world hasn’t always had the attention it deserved or needed and so I’ve ended up in the mental equivalent of Timbuctoo.  Not to malign Timbuctoo in any way, I’ve never been there, it might be quite beautiful, but let me tell you in my inner, mental world, it isn’t a place you want to visit any time soon.

Imagine wandering around willy nilly, not certain where you’re going, with no particular place in mind so you’re meandering through the streets, ending up who knows where because after all you never decided where you wanted to go.  Sounds silly really.  When we leave home we tend to have somewhere in mind.  But in our inner world we are wandering around allowing any old thought to pop up.  No direction at all.  So it’s hardly surprising that the places we end up are not necessarily that desirable.

Dark Side of Man

We absolutely need an aim from which to think, a direction for our thoughts to follow.  Because if we’re not directing our thoughts, then our conscious mind will think based upon our environment, which can be hugely negative and fearful…newspapers, television, opinions.  We’ll be in a constant state of reaction and be reinforcing our reality, leaving us without any personal power.  Time to be the director and controller of all our circumstances.  Within our imagination lies the unexplored continents of our great future adventure.

Got a destination in mind?  Let’s fly.

Encourage each other.

Love Elle.



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5 thoughts on “Flying High.

  1. Joseph Appaloosa says:

    So, am I correct in postulating that “the aim” mentioned in your article could be demonstrated – if I were to spend a day diligently directing as many thoughts as I could to be of a positive and loving nature that I would in turn have a preponderance of positive and loving experiences ?
    Thank you.
    Write on, Elle !

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