[success]No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein[/success]

It’s pretty unnverving when you have an idle thought, or two or even three and WHAM before you know it, the reflection comes back and hits you right between the eyes.

And even worse when it’s something you absolutely, positively do not want.  There should be some disclaimer on the laws of consciousness – look out because we can and will come back to bite you in the posterior and that might be a big bite.

More than ever I become aware of that old adage ‘you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.’  And even the most idle thoughts, if connected to a feeling have the power to manifest as conditions in our life.

This consciousness stuff is a pretty hard task master and I’m here to tell you it’s all happening faster and faster in my world.  And there’s no escaping it – it’s a done deal folks, set up long before you and I ever made it onto this lovely planet.

It seems like a good time to look a little more closely at how we’re using these universal principles.

1. Our thoughts are real forces

‘Aint that the truth.  And we rise and fall according to where we put our attention,  maybe it’s time for a mental diet.  Chuck out all the stuff we know isn’t good for us, the mental equivalent of doughnuts and cookies and cakes and candies, like worries, anxieties, fears in other words all the negatives.

2. Weed out the negatives

Take time out of your busy day and look at what’s going on in your mind.  Were you thinking of something you wanted? Because it makes no difference to your consciousness if your thoughts are constructive or destructive, but boy does it make a difference to you.

So cut it off.  The negative thought.  The minute you recognize it, cut it off at the pass.

Don’t react to the thought.  It’s just a thought and it has no power over you if you don’t react, if you don’t attach a feeling to it.

Replace it with something more positive and productive.

Remind yourself – it’s just a negative thought and you have a choice,  entertain it or junk it.  Hmmm tough choice.

3. Life is no respecter of persons

And continues to give us whatever we’re aware of being, getting upset or feeling anxious or worried because not much has changed, and nothing seems to be different, is sort of defeating the object.  Been there, seen it, done it…all so that you don’t have to.  I’m good like that.

The thing about consciousness is that it keeps in place all that we continue to give attention to.  And even when we’ve been really good at putting our attention on our desires…the same old stuff might keep appearing for a while.  Don’t get discouraged, or be disheartened and give up.

Oh yes, don’t forget to let go of worrying when we’re in that ‘stuck’ place, with nothing apparently changing. And yes, if you’ve never been stuck before, it could happen…says the one who’s been on more holding patterns than I’ ve had hot dinners.  Not that it will happen to you…but it’s a possibility.

[success] Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. ~ William Feather[/success]

And most of all don’t go back to the same old thoughts, the same old feelings that can only give you the same old experiences.  You’ve done so much, you’ve decided you want to grow, to have new and greater experiences.  You have fabulous new desires, you’ve used the tools and techniques to keep yourself focused on what you want…and it hasn’t happened yet.

It’s okay, stick with it.  The old energy you created doesn’t always disappear overnight.  Never mind, don’t look back, keep moving forward, stay on track…the old limitations are out of tune with the new you and will soon disentangle themselves ~ but giving them the slightest attention allows them to rejoin the dance.

4. Creation

Consciousness is the cause of all creation, so it must follow that my own consciousness must be the cause of my worldly creations.  All that I experience is already sitting very comfortably in my consciousness and won’t leave it’s comfy lair unless and until I stop fighting with it, or accepting it as a fact in my world.  So stop arguing with your creations.  Stop pushing against them…they just become more powerful.

Which is naturally how I can have those WHAM moments that I could happily live without.  Because all that we’re aware of gets reflected back to us as events and conditions.  I have a love/hate relationship with the system.  Love the good stuff…not so fond of the rest.  I know, I know it’s all my own work.

5. How your thoughts operate

Trust me when I tell you it’s a really really good idea to take a look at how your thoughts flow, from your current state of mind.  Take a look at how your mind works right now – since we’re all unique and operate in different ways.

Why do I suggest this?  Because if you pay attention to how you regularly think then you can apply this same way of thinking to your deliberately chosen desire.  Thinking as though you already had it, in the same way you think about things you ‘actually’ have.

Imagining in a way your mind generally doesn’t work probably won’t be helpful at all.  In fact it might just derail your train before it gets to the station.

Meantime encourage one another…it’s a wonderful state of consciousness to operate from and can only bring good things into your life.

Do you have ways of directing your thoughts towards the very things you need and away from everything you don’t. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

And thanks, as always for stopping by and reading and sharing.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Joseph Appaloosa

    Our consciousness is literalistic. It accepts whatever we give it as The Truth and goes about bringing it into this worldly experience. Your article’s five practices are excellent and must be employed in a consistent if not relentless fashion. Practice only remains practice, until it becomes natural . . .
    Thank you.
    Write on, Elle !

    • Elle

      I like that Joseph ‘our consciousness is literalistic’ and you are so right, we only have to practice until it becomes an internalized way of being. As always Joseph, you add great insights into the conversation. 🙂

  2. Hi Elle,

    I had the most astonishing things happen today, several of them. They were SO out of the ordinary that it took me a moment to realize that technically, I had actually asked for them. I simply didn’t expect them to begin to show up, at least not in the way that they did. So when I said to myself,”X could happen,” I noticed I didn’t really believe it. Interesting, huh? I had to say it a few times to start getting it potentially right in the feeling department.

    This is an incredible post. Every time I come here I am a little more amazed.

    • Elle

      Julie that is so cool. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It encourages us all!

      Getting that awareness to the link between us and our experiences reminds us of the huge power we are using on a daily basis. And, in my experiences, if I just live ‘in the end’, the desire usually arrives in an unexpected way. I love that, because it keeps me from ‘fiddling’ in the middle and messing things up. And yes…I’ve been known to do that. 🙂 Great awareness Julie.

      And I so appreciate your kind words.

  3. I love your suggestion to take a look at how your mind works. Make a choice about whether we want to continue to be negative or let go and embrace the joys in life. Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiration.

    • Elle

      Thank you Cathy…knowing how we generally think about things is HUGE. Because then we know the tracks our thoughts take and the feelings that accompany them and then use that to our benefit, to determine our future. Pretty cool stuff!

  4. I was reminded of a book titled “Thoughts Matter.” So true. I get lazy sometimes and let my negative thoughts roam free. But it does matter…a lot.

    By the way, loved the photo. I sat right about exactly where that photo was taken on my 29th birthday and a condor flew by.

    • Elle

      Now that’s pretty cool Galen, sitting in the same place as the photo I chose. Synchronistic much? I haven’t read the book ‘Thoughts Matter’ but I’m definitely going to take a look at it. Love your insights into the conversation. 🙂

  5. I love this post Elle! I’m trying to teach my children this lesson. They try it some of the time, but then the other thinking starts creeping back. Sometimes you need the opposite, the negative thinking, to realize this is not something you want in your life! Thank you for your reminders!

    • Elle

      How great Betsy that you’re teaching your children that their way of thinking is important in their life. The two little sprites in our life often remind us…and that’s something when six and four year olds school you on your thinking. 🙂

  6. Elle- I’ve been re-reading Esther and Jerry Hicks book ‘The Astonishing Power of Emotions’. I love their concept of going downstream rather than upstream to attract positive energy.

    With 40,000-60,000 thoughts a day going through our brain, it is a full time job trying to catch the negative ones that reach our consciousness. But it’s worth it. I feel a big difference between when I’m on track…and not xxoo-Fran

    • Elle

      I haven’t read that book Fran, but it sounds just my cup of tea! I was only saying this morning how some of those teeny tiny thoughts that aren’t positive are often so quick and slippery that they come and go before you even notice…yet this morning I noticed…well one of them anyway. 🙂

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