[success]For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?  And whenever the answer has been ‘no’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. ~ Steve Jobs[/success]

One of my best friends, who happens to be an astrologer tells me, as a Taurus, I pretty much like things to stay the same. He also tells me I’m not a typical Taurean in many ways.  Maybe so, but he might have a point about change. I’ve had to learn the hard way that there’s no benefit to staying in bed, hiding under the covers, because change was imminent.

And before you ask…I can neither confirm nor deny I actually ever did this.

It’s not really worth trying to hide from change. It’s sort of inevitable.

We live in a world that’s constantly changing, everything is always in a state of becoming and we need to find peace in change since fighting it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  We all know the outcome of pushing against the things we don’t want.

Circumstances and conditions are going to change whether we like it or not.  Relationships are going to change whether we like it or not. We’re going to change whether we like it or not. So trying to play it safe by staying in bed, or staying in the sucky relationship, or the dismal job can’t work for long. And we should be singing the hallellujah chorus at the top of our lungs that this is so, because without change we’d be supporting our inevitable stagnation.

Choice or crisis

Change might be inevitable, but this doesn’t mean it has to run us over like a steamroller.  We can listen to destiny’s call and be brave and step out of our comfort zone straight into the arms of change and say yes…even hell yes.

We can be at choice as we listen to our inner voice and answer the call before the choice to change becomes a crisis.  Not that crises are all bad.  We’ve all heard the tales of those who came out of a horrible crisis in life only to enter an amazing, fabulous, exciting and wonderful period.

Wait a minute…I’ve experienced that my own self.

But when crises pass overhead…they don’t feel that great and not very peaceful either.  Much easier to simply embrace change and enjoy the process.

Think of life as an ever changing kalaidescope, shifting, swirling, dynamic; a universal dance of colour and movement that we all get to participate in, either dragging and screaming and hanging on to the bedclothes, or gracefully and harmoniously as we enjoy the dance through our awakened senses.

Live in the present

We’ve heard those words before I know.  But do they always sink in?

Life is made up of moments. Moments of magic, of mystery of greatness and if we would but open ourselves up to see this we might find there’s joy in this moment, or happiness, or a truth or insight.

If we practice seeking the good in each moment, we’ll see how amazing life truly is.  We’ll be more awake to the wonders that are on offer.

I don’t really practice buddhism, but I’ve always liked the concept of the beginners mind or the child’s mind.  Which speaks to me of seeing things as they are.  Looking at life with curious eyes.  Looking at life with enthusiasm without judgement or our prejudices rising to the surface.

The child’s mind looks at life and says why not, the expert looking at the very same life says, it can’t be done.

In each moment we can ask ourselves what am I going to create today.  Will I make the day count?  Will I be a participant or onlooker in the creation of my day. Will I nurture the things that matter? Will I enthusiastically embrace this moment?

Be proactive

Instead of hiding under the bed awaiting the next crisis to befall us, we can step up and step out in faith that we are everything we need be, to live the most glorious life we can imagine.  We can choose to initiate changes in our world and be proactive or we can sit on the sidelines and allow change to impose itself on us.  Or worse, sit and stagnate.

Ask yourself:

Do I trust my instincts?

Do I make my decisions based on fear, or on love?

Am I willing to change?

Where am I most stuck in my life?

Do I believe my creative imagination has the solution to any problems or obstacles I might come across?

Am I a negative person, focused more on what could go wrong than what could go right?

Do I continue to carry grudges or resentments?

Can I let go of what I worry about the most?

Do I have limiting or negative beliefs about myself, my success, my financial affairs, my relationships with others?

What one thing could I do right now to initiate change?  Any one thing, big or small.

Am I willing to see myself as a remarkable, amazing, extraordinary, dazzling, awesome, fabulous, inspiring, impressive, woman or man?

Moving beyond those same old ways

Let’s be real.  Being a Taurean or a Gemini or whatever the heck we are doesn’t make any difference to Life with a capital L.  I’ll be the first one to tell you how much I value stability and comfort, especially comfort.  But certainty doesn’t actually belong in our life, I’m not even sure it exists in nature at all.  So worrying about tomorrow makes no sense at all.

We should be creating a new mindset where change is our friend, where we not only accept it, but embrace it as a vital and healthy part of our life. A mindset where we can find peace in change.

Without change we couldn’t fulfill our next and greatest desire, or experience our next best romance.  Without change our creativity would be for naught. Without change I’d never have been able to heal the incredibly painful trigeminal neuralgia I used to suffer from.

Life without change would bore the pants off most of us, heck I’d never have adopted new beliefs over the years, or learned new skills and nor would you.  Without change, we, non of us, would be where we are today…we’d still be stuck fast in yesterday…and even if yesterday was great at the time…it would probably be old and stale by now.

Viewing change as a positive force for good in our life can make all the difference between adopting new strategies for life or slowly decaying where we sit.  How could we have new beliefs without accepting change or experience those wondrous and exciting adventures that await us, without being willing to say yes to change.

In the comments below we’d love to hear how you managed to find peace in change, or what prevents you from embracing change?

I’m looking forward to your feedback on this one.  And if you find this useful, feel free to share it with your friends. As always I appreciate you stopping by and joining in the conversation.  Maybe what you have to say is just what someone needed to hear today.

Love Elle


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Christine

    I was always afraid of change and worried about the consequences or what bad thing could happen from that change! Now I accept changes more readily and don’t worry about it. Perhaps some of that comes with maturity as well as learning not to have such a negative outlook. I step out of my safe little box and it really is OK, in fact it can be bloody marvellous to see, feel and hear the changes coming along. Sort of exciting really. As you say Elle, changes happen anyway and sometimes we make the change ourselves… why not enjoy and if it may not be the change you wanted, perhaps it was changed to help us learn and appreciate something else. Now I’m off to make some changes myself! Hope your day is amazing. Christine

    • Elle

      Welcome to the conversation Christine and you have a good point about maturity affecting our attitude to change…maybe we’ve had so much of it over the years that it’s easier to see it can be a really good thing. I like your insight on even though it might not the change we wanted it could bring more things in our world for us to appreciate. 🙂

  2. Great reminders about change Elle. I like what Alan Watts has to say about it…”The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” Because we can’t stop things from changing we might as well learn to enjoy the ride. 🙂 ~Kathy

    • Elle

      Alan Watts is one of my favourite people to study Kathy…and what a great quote you shared…a typical Wattsy concept. There are some great vids on youtube with Alan that I love to listen to. 🙂

  3. Elle,
    Great post! Great questions that you posed. The questions should really someone who is trying to move forward in life. Be proactive is great advice and to be open to change. I know just the person to send this to.
    Love it! Thanks!

    • Elle

      Nice to see you Betsy and I’m happy you enjoyed the post…being open to change isn’t easy for everyone…and I think the comment Christine made earlier about it getting easier with maturity is probably true for a lot of folks. 🙂

  4. hi Elle – gone through some dramatic changes over the last couple of years. And I’m a Taurus – now I realize why I was having such a difficult time with them. I’m not a fan of change – change brought forth a lot of pain, hurt, vulnerability and shame. But now that I’m comfortable with the changes that happened from a divorce, change has brought forth growth, clarity and self-understanding. While I’m so grateful for the positive changes in my life, the dramatic changes that were unfolding in my life was not something I would have chosen voluntarily:)

    I’ve also realized the power of choice – I can chose my reactions to life’s problems. I don’t have to be pained or hurt by what’s happening. I can chose hope and growth in moments of change.

    Not sure if I’ve completed embraced change but getting to be better friends with it:)

    • Elle

      How happy I am to hear the good news about change in your life Vishnu…and isn’t that the truth, we wouldn’t choose the times when change comes storming in with both barrels blazing. Like the way you put that…choosing hope and growth during change and I totally get not entirely embracing it. I think we’re pretty much in the same boat…we just need to keep rowing. 🙂

  5. Problems and changes carry the sam connotation for some people.
    Normally when anyone is faced with trying circumstances they would prefer to give up and run away,particularly if the situation is prolonged, persistent,and refusing to how signs of thaw .However it is important to remember that every problem contains it’s own seeds of solution.Every problem,every change comes packaged with its own basket of benefits.
    .History has proved this again and again.All changes/problems arrive along with a huge potential for achievement.

    • Elle

      I really like the way you put this Mona, every change comes packaged with its own basket of benefits. Nicely said. And you are so right that there’s also huge potential as well. As always you add a great deal to the conversation. 🙂

  6. Hi Elle,

    For me living in the present has helped me change gracefully with life. It is wonderful that everything is temporary, because as you mentioned we would get bored. It is also comforting to know when things aren’t going your way, the shining light of change may be just ahead. Beautiful post! xoxo

    • Elle

      Living in the present is coming up a lot for me lately Cathy…so I’m paying attention…a timely reminder from you dear friend. Isn’t that a lovely phrase, the shining light of change. Now that’s a perspective I can live with. 🙂

  7. Yes, I have often fought change but created so very much of it in my life. What I learned is that it all begins on our mind, we created, promoted or allowed it so just buckle up and enjoy the ride. The real growth comes in creating change consciously and thus managing it to your benefit and greater joy. I am about half through the learning process on that one!

    • Elle

      Creating change consciously is truly the key Dore, you are spot on my friend. I think it’s an ongoing process for all of us…some smart someone once said change or die…or words to that effect. 🙂

  8. Hi Elle. I always liked change, it stopped my boredom. We are changing all the time, and we can’t stop it. I have decided that I only accept easy positive change, I have had enough of the tough change! Will the universe respond?

    • Elle

      I’m liking the way you think Karen…change stopping your boredom. You remind me of when I used to believe change was always challenging and messy until one day I woke up and said, hang on a minute, why not have change be through joy. And yes, it made a difference. 🙂 It’s done unto us as we believe still holds good.

  9. “Its done unto us as we believe” is so powerful and freeing as it gives us personal responsibility and accountability.

    • Elle

      Absolutely agree with you Karen…knowing that we are the makers and builders of our life is extremely empowering. 🙂

  10. Hi Elle,

    This was a wonderful post on the power of embracing change. Indeed, accepting and working with the natural change in my inner world in terms of thoughts and emotions, and the outer world, is something I love to experiment with.

    I loved what you wroteabout living in the present. Most recently I’ve been noticing how my general sense of being has shifted a lot more to dealing with the moments in each day, rather than thinking about what I will do in the future.

    I really appreciated the questions you included under the ‘Be proactive’ section in your post.

    Thank you.

    • Elle

      Thanks for stoppin by Hiten. I think we’re once again on the same page…I’ve noticed myself staying in the moment…and keeping y awareness of what I’m feeling right now…and if it’s less than brilliant, choosing to focus on something in this moment, that feels better. It’s a practice that imho is ever leading us towards greater expansion. 🙂

  11. Sandra Tirado

    Thank you Elle! We need change more than ever right now. It’s hard to stay positive when everything is unjust and crazy in the entire nation. How do you stay informed with what’s going on around you without it depressing you?

    • We do need peace and healing right now Sandra, as you say more than ever. As for me, I am not ‘staying informed’ 24/7 just enough to keep up. And some days it is really tough to not let things get to me, but I always return to the spiritual practices I have honed over many years, to ensure I’m, not falling into the energy and vibration of all that is wrong in the world. I can be in it but not of it.

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