We all seek relief from the noise and chaos and stresses of every day life.  Looking for ways to give our mind and spirit some calming peace before we crack under the relentless pressure of life as we know it.

Inner peace  is a vital and necessary component of our health and wellbeing and yet whatever is happening in our outer world, we often create even more stress and anxiety within.

We continue to  have inner conversations with ourself and others that, at the very best keep inner peace at bay and at the worst, create misery and upset, fear and worry and stress us out even more.

The problem is that we can no more stop talking to ourselves than we can stop breathing.  So here’s 4 unbelievable simple ways to find some respite for stress and maintain inner peace in our inner and outer worlds.

1. Look out for the boomerangs

Imagine sending a boomerang out into the cosmos and forgetting that you threw it.

And when it returns to you and hits you smack bang between your eyes, you look around for who threw it.

Never realizing it came from you.

If you’ve ever had an imaginary argument with someone who was totally and absolutely not there, except in your mind, you  might not know it, but you were throwing a boomerang that would eventually return to you, bringing with it every experience that was an energetic match to that imaginary argument you had.

And what do you suppose those experiences will be?   You can bet your bottom dollar they’re not the ones you you want.

And you’d carry on believing it had nothing to do with you.  Right?

It’s time to appreciate the potency of your inner chatter and be done with unintentional boomerangs that turn around and bite you in the bum

2. Notice the magical mirror of life 

Life is the mirror of your mind and reveals the secrets of your heart.   Your world literally reveals to everyone what you’ve been thinking, what you say to yourself, even the things you believe and accept as true.

We can’t hide our inner selves from the outer world no matter how hard we try.  But it’s important to remember that we all have magic inside and you dear one are meant to live a life that is purpose-filled and magical.

So whatever it is you want your outer life to be, first use your inner magic and create it within.

You want to be respected. Respect yourself.

You want to be loved. Know inner love.

You want peace. Create peaceful thoughts and conversations.

3. Recognize that the Universe revolves around you

When I was a kid I was constantly reminded that the universe didn’t revolve around me.  And it wasn’t until many years later.  And I mean many, many years later, that I realized that actually it did!

Scientists today see the universe as a vast, web of dynamic energy and activity, constantly moving, constantly changing.  And we are one with this incredible sea of energy.  You and I are one with and part of the greater whole.

How incredible is that?

And since our thoughts, like everything else are made up of energy, it makes total sense that deeply held beliefs or repeated self talk would have a profound impact on our reality.

How could it be otherwise?

And this is how the universe revolves around you and this is how you are creating your reality.  Not alone, but by and with your connection to the fathomless energy of the universe.

4. Practice stillness everyday if inner peace is to be yours

The simplest solution to stress or overwhelm and the one sure fire way to find and keep inner peace I can give you in four words. 

Be one with nature.

Nature doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take yourself off to your local park, or get out of the city. 

Wherever you are you can still look up at the sky, watch trees swaying in the wind, see a sunset or sunrise.  You can even share a quiet moment with nature by bringing plants and flowers into your home.

The benefits of taking a moment to be with nature brings us a gentle quietness, stilling the noisy chatter that fills our mind throughout the day.

It’s there that we’re  tapping into our natural state. And it’s there that we connect to everything we need to experience inner peace or joy or healing.

I like to take a 5 minute walk around the garden. And I do loops because it’s not big enough to take up 5 minutes in one round. And it feels so flipping good.

Try this when your mind won’t be quiet, or you have a problem or worry that persists.

Take yourself outside.

Pay attention to what’s around you. Listen to the birds, or the wind rustling or blowing through the leaves. Or just watch the clouds in the sky.  Simply be.

It’s amazing the peace that exists all around us, to which we’re often oblivious, because we’re not paying attention. 

Truth be told, the stillness of nature is where we can tap into the greatest source of happiness and inner peace…within our own selves. Because we are one with the whole Universe.

Inner peace is a coalition of the deeper inner you and the Universe, standing against all the forces that would create disharmony, pain and sorrow in your life.

You need this. You deserve this.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.

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